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The Best Ski Holidays in France for 2022

France is a country that is worth visiting in all seasons. Arts, food, architecture and beautiful spots are a few of the elements that make it so popular with tourists from all over the world.

Travellers who love, or, who wish to love skiing can visit the stunning ski resorts in France in order to have the time of their lives on the slopes with the breath-taking Alpes around them.

Below you’ll see a few of the best ski areas and resorts you should definitely visit this year.

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Les Menuires

A resort for people who seek a peaceful place to enjoy the precious time they have with their family, friends, or themselves is Les Menuires. The resort is at the core of the vast Three Valley ski area, but it retains a quiet and family-friendly vibe. It is ideal for people with no or little experience in skiing and generally in winter sports, but there are several slopes especially for more advanced skiers. No matter the ski abilities and the entertainment preferences of the people you’re travelling with, you can safely book your ski holidays in Les Menuires on Erna Low as there is something for everyone there.

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Paradiski Ski Area

Similar to The Three Valleys, Paradiski is a huge area in the French Alps, where there are 264 pistes for skiers of all ages and abilities. In Paradiski, travellers can find many resorts to visit, the most popular of which are Les Arcs, La Plagne and Peisey-Vallandry. As the name suggests, this area is a paradise for ski and snowboard lovers thanks to pistes that face north, which means that the snow stays fresh for longer.

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Another popular destination for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts is Chamonix, which is a village that lies in the base of Mont Blanc and the ski resort there. If you are a ski fan, you must visit the Chamonix ski resort as the first Winter Olympics were hosted there. But even if you’re not, there are cool shops, bars and restaurants to visit, which are bustling with people enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the Victorian architecture of the village.

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One more popular and busy resort is Tignes. Tignes ski resort consists of five villages which are all connected via regular shuttle buses. Each of the villages has its own charming character and it is worth visiting when you take a break from all the skiing. There are many ski slopes accommodating people of all ages and levels of experience and the same applies for other winter sports like snowboarding.

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