Giraffe wall sticker

The biggest Giraffe Gift

L loves a giraffe, it is his favourite animal of all time. His first toy as a baby was Gerry the Giraffe, Gerry was with in him hospital and has rarely left his side since, nursery, school, holidays, doctors appointments, haircuts, you name it Gerry has been by his side. Gerry is a shell of his former self, well loved barely covers it, but this is what started the giraffe obsession, an obsession that lead us to Icon Wall Stickers and the biggest giraffe gift yet.

Icon Wall Stickers
The biggest giraffe gift

We obviously have a million giraffe cuddly toys, he has giraffe t-shirts and even giraffe socks! There are giraffe posters and when it came to home schooling we set up Giraffe Class, tricky words printed onto giraffes, giraffe alphabets and giraffe maths. I think you get the picture. Even our days out tend to be giraffe themed, zoos always being top of the list, providing they have giraffes of course.

Icon Wall Stickers
When it got delivered at covered nearly our whole bed I realised just how big it was!

So when we were approached by Icon Wall Stickers to see if we would like to work with them and I saw they had both giraffe mural wallpaper and giraffe wall stickers our fate was sealed. For L’s 7th birthday we would get him a giraffe that was bigger than him, a giraffe wall sticker to look over him and guard his door.

Icon Wall Stickers
Step one – clean the wall

The plan had been to keep this a surprise for him. For me to apply the wall sticker whilst he was at school and for him to come home to a giant giraffe and I mean giant, our sticker measures in at 96 x 152cm and we could have gone bigger had we desired! There was a vast amount of colour choices too.

As it turns out, whilst the application process wasn’t hard, it was tricky and time consuming as each area of the giraffe was actually an individual sticker and some of them were tiny! To apply the sticker you simply line it up, tape it to the wall, peel a section of backing the paper off and carefully remove the top layer of paper sticking each sticker to the wall as you go, then repeat with another section, moving down until it is all applied.

Giraffe wall sticker
Step two – tape to wall

I actually had to complete the application across two days due to time constraints and other plans. Had I realised each sticker was individual before starting I would have left it for a day I had more time, I foolishly thought the see through areas would be just that, a see through vinyl and the giraffe would just be one huge sticker. As it states almost everywhere on the website this is not the case, they are far higher quality than that, I’d just managed to miss it. They are right, any transparent areas or edges wouldn’t have given such a lovely finish, so ultimately I’m very pleased it was done the way it was.

Giraffe wall sticker
Step three – start application

Whats lovely about the wall art is that it isn’t permanent, so when it comes round to redecorating his room we can just peel it off and buy another if he wants or get something different. This is why we opted for the sticker over the wallpaper murals. Whilst the murals look epic it would have been a lot more work for us to hang and a lot more work in the future when the room needed changing. L is 7 there are going to be lots of changes to that room over the next few years and lots of changes in taste and likes from him.

Giraffe wall sticker
One completed giraffe, doesn’t it look amazing

The sticker itself is made from a vinyl, it’s great quality and should be hard wearing. There are a couple of air bubbles that we haven’t able to get rid of but that is our fault and not theirs. Some of the teeny little bits of sticker have lifted as well, but I accept that living in a room with an obsessed child is most likely the cause of that. Besides it’s been nothing we can’t fix just by gently pushing them back into place.

The biggest thing is that loves his new giraffe, he has named it wall-ey the giraffe, nothing to do with the cute Disney Pixar robot Wall-E, just named wall because he’s on his wall and with the sound ee after wards to make it a name. It looks fabulous and L has proudly shown the few visitors we’ve had, I can’t wait until we are allowed to see more people so we can show it off properly.

Giraffe wall sticker
and finally meet one happy child!

We’ll certainly be using Icon Wall Stickers again. Now I know how straight forward the application is and seen how quickly they can deliver and how good the customer service has been I’ve got my eye on a few bits that could add a little extra finishing touch to a couple of rooms, I’ve seen beautiful shells that I can see finishing off our new bathroom perfectly.

Disclosure – we were gifted our giraffe for the purpose of this review, all thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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