The Coros LINX Smart Bike Helmet – Review

Husb is a keen cyclist. He loves getting out on his bike. He also loves a good bit of tech. The Coros LINX Bluetooth enabled smart helmet is now officially his new favourite toy. He loves it.

The helmet is so nicely styled

So what does the Coros LINX do?

It is a Bluetooth enabled smart bicycle helmet that allows you to wirelessly connect your helmet to your smartphone.

You can listen to music, take phone calls, get route guidance and track your ride stats. If you cycle in a group and you all have the Coros LINX you can even chat to each other.

The Coros LINX system is more than just the helmet, you also get a remote that sits on the handle bars and a free app for your Android or Apple smartphone.

What it does

Where can you get it from?

The Coros LINX is available from Halfords for £179.99. It’s an online exclusive so don’t expect to see it in stores.

You can get it in two sizes. Medium 54cm – 58cm and large 57cm to 61cm. Husb has the medium and it has adjusted to fit him really well.

Colour wise you have the choice of the white, like ours, with silver and orange flashes. Or you can go for black which also has orange flashes.

Coros LINX

The worst bits.

It is a bit heavier than most helmets. Not by much, especially considering all the tech packed in, but it needs mentioning.

Having to remember to charge your helmet! It’s just not something I ever thought would be happening. It also gets stored inside, not with the rest of the bike bits, so it can be charged and because of the temperature fluctuations and moisture.

The mount for the Smart Remote broke after only a few uses. Husb thinks this is because it was on the thicker part of his handlebars. It was easily fixed with a thick hair elastic though.

The ear bone audio

The best bits.

Being able to have audio without in ear headphones. Husb has often said that when he’s cycling 20 – 30 miles or more, he’d like to have some music, just for company. But he won’t use earphones because then he can’t hear the traffic. Sensible.

The open-ear Bone Conduction Technology that the Coros LINX uses allows him to hear everything. So he can enjoy some background music and still be safe.

He loves being able to set up routes from home and be directed whilst out on the ride.

Having your ride stats read out to you is great as well. He was always checking his little tracker on the handle bars before which obviously took his eyes from the road.

I love that if he was to be in an accident the helmet will automatically ping me a text message with his location. It gives me peace of mind.

There are so many plus points to this helmet. It looks good. Works really well. Syncs with his Strava App. Husb reckons it’s the best thing I have ever got for him.

Easily adjustable and comfortable chin strap

The app.

When husb went to download the App onto his Android phone he was a little worried as the feedback isn’t great. We can’t work out why though. He hasn’t had any problems at all.

It was quick to download. Syncs with his Strava account. Works smoothly and does everything he needs it to do.

The App uses GPS to track ride details and routes, allows the voice navigation and setting up contact details for the emergency alert feature.

The helmet is so nicely styled

Technical points.

  • SOS emergency alert via impact/G-sensor
  • Comfortable, foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting via ratchet system for extended wearing
  • All weather: Rain, water, splash, sweat resistant
  • Ventilation: Aerodynamic optimized, 15 vents
  • Speaker type: bone conduction transducers
  • Speaker sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB
  • Frequency response: 100Hz—20KHz
  • Microphone: Wind resistant, top mounted
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium; 10+ hrs play/talk time
  • Indicator: LED for operation, charge, low battery
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0, iOS & Android
  • Helmet weight: Approximately 400 grams

    COROS Linx
    What you get in the box

What you get in the box.

Inside the very smart black box you get your new Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet, a drawstring bag/rucksack for storing everything (so handy), the Smart Remote for the handlebars and the Smart Remote Mount.

You also get spare foam strips for inside the helmet, a reflective strip and an ‘In Case of Emergency’ label for all your details that can be stuck inside the helmet.

Obviously you get your USB charging cable and the user manual as well.

The Smart Cycling Helmet

What’s our verdict?

In short, amazing!

The Coros LINX allows husb a more enjoyable ride. He loves being able to listen to music and really likes the route guidance as now he gets to go a bit further and even more off the beaten track.

I like that he is so much more contactable. I don’t like to call him when he’s out but occasionally I have needed to get in touch and haven’t been able to as he can’t hear his phone ring.

This is honestly worth every penny. It is so clever and so well built.

Disclosure – we received this helmet in return for an open and honest review. All opinions are our own.

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  2. Being an avid runner and cyclist, it is awesome to see the inclusion of the bone conduction technology in our daily gear.
    This will make our rides safe as we will be more aware with the ambient noises and sounds so that we can respond quickly. Specially in the high traffic areas it is a boon.
    Thanks for the post.
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