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The Field – Review & Competition

Do you ever hear about something or see something and immediately know it is a genius idea and wish you had come up with it? Well when The Field got in touch to tell me about their amazing range of toy fields for children I felt that way. I knew it would be the perfect addition to L’s play, that he would adore it and use it all the time. I also enjoyed the simple idea and wished I had thought of it first. The Field

The Field make realistic toy field fields for kids to play with. They don’t come with anything, no animals or farm equipment. They are just simple fields that allow a base for whatever game play takes your child’s fancy that day. The Field

L’s field arrived yesterday afternoon and so far it has been a farm, an airport runway, a prison, dinner for Gerry the Giraffe (he likes to eat, hay, branches and eggs but quite enjoyed the grass it seems) and it has also been a bed for the cat, though that was rather more literal.The Field

L obviously adores it, I just knew he would. There was never any doubt in my mind that my tractor loving, farm playing, little boy would anything but love a field to add to his game time. As soon as he woke up this morning he asked if I had left it out and before 8am had built a train track around it. The Field

The quality is superb. The different grasses that have been used. Short and stubbly for the field itself and slightly longer and well, bushier, for the hedges surrounding the field. The gates are very realistic and solid, which is important with my boy, things have to be robust and this is.The Field

Oddly enough I had spent yesterday morning with some friends of ours, a bit of mum chat whilst the boys played, perfect. Their birthdays are only day apart and coming up soon, so we were talking about what they wanted and funnily enough all L’s friend has asked for was a field, just a field. His mum had no idea where to turn, so I pointed her in the direction of The Field. It was exactly what he wanted. Then we got home and what had been delivered but our field!! The Field

Before our field arrived I have to admit I had two thoughts, questions almost. Would the field be good enough to warrant the price tag? Should or could I just make one myself? Simply put the answers are yes, it is amazing and no I could not. The Field

We opted for The Field Farm, it’s €79.99, that’s not small change. Certainly a gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday. So what makes it worth the money? Well as I mentioned above it is incredibly well built, solid and with little features like the gates all being hinged and painted just really nice to play with. It’s large, 34 x 24 inches, but not so large you can’t store it away. We can simply tuck us down the side of his wardrobe, not that I have been allowed to put it away yet! The grass they have used is fabulous, two different types to give you a realistic look and feel. It isn’t cheap, not at all, but it is worth it and will last so long as it is looked after. The Field

Could I have made one myself? I’m a crafty type of girl, surely it’s just a bit of MDF and some fake grass. Nothing me and my hot glue gun can’t handle. Pah! I am crafty, I’m pretty good at most things, and yes, if push can to shove I could make this. It would take me ages though and it would cost a lot. To buy all the wood, fake grass, paint, the gates and the hinges, the nails and the adhesive would not be cheap. Then my time to put it together and ensure it was safe for L to play with, that’s not quick. I honestly don’t think I could get it looking as good either. I figure I could get it made in about a month, based on the time I have available to me and I have no idea how much it would cost me in materials. The Field

There are plenty of different Fields for you to choose from and they start at €19.99 so you will find something in your budget and to see how it enhances his play ( and keeps it one place) is joyful.

I genuinely wish I had found out about these fields sooner, I feel as though I have deprived L of hours worth of fun already.

If you love The Field as much as I do you’ll be pleased to know I have one, the same as ours, to giveaway, simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Win The Field Farm

The FieldDisclosure – We were sent a field to review and The Field have very kindly arranged one as a prize. I have also been compensated for my time setting up the competition. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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58 thoughts on “The Field – Review & Competition”

  1. This is a great idea, fab for opening up little imaginations and setting them free x

  2. This would certainly keep the grandkids busy when I’m on babysitting duty lol. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  3. Have entered thankyou for the opportunity to win this great prize

  4. What a simple but fantastic idea. My son has got an excellent imagination he would have hours of fun with this.

  5. I look after my grandchildren while their parents work, and I am always looking for ideas to entertain them with, and I think they would enjoy this fun and educational toy x

  6. My daughter would love this! She loves creating her own play scenes and this would definitely get her creative play ideas flowing!

    1. It’s perfect, I know farm is the obvious thing to play but ours has been an airport, a prison, the centre of an elaborate train track, it’s just a great base for play

  7. I have been thinking about getting my son a farm set for Christmas so this would be a great base for that x

  8. Wow this looks amazing, don’t think the kids would get a look in with me I’d be playing it 😂😂

  9. This is a great idea my little granddaughter would love plying with her farm on this

  10. Looks Amazing haven’t seen anything like this before. Count me in to Win x

  11. This looks perfect for our grandson. He has developmental delays and a lack of fine motor skills so we have to be careful about toys that we choose

  12. Sounds a great idea and fabulous for stretching our childrens imagination.

  13. WOW what a brilliant idea! I wish i had invented this, my son loves farm animals and I cannot wait to get him a farm set for his christmas but this looks like such a brilliant addition!

  14. Lovely prize. I had a farm set when I was young and loved playing with it.

  15. My grand daughter loves farm anaimals and she would have hours of fun with this xx

  16. What great fun the kids can have with this, fuel their imagination about the farmyard, love it

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