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This week it was my bestest friend’s birthday and the week before it was her daughter’s, so what better thing to do than to throw them a mini birthday party. Thank to The Great Little Party Company that was easy.

Liz, a working mum of two has just started this new party box company. So here’s what she has to say;

About The Great Little Party Company

I, like so many mums, found it so hard to juggle a career and care for my babies, so I decided to say goodbye to my legal life and set up my own company doing the one think I really enjoy…planning parties!

I have spent the last 3 years planning weddings and parties (mainly my children’s!) and each year they have become more extravagant but always on a shoestring budget with a lot of DIY! The kids always have an amazing time and we end up getting loads of complements about the day.  I appreciate that this just isn’t for everyone, the planning, the stress and the time that these things inevitably require jut isn’t an option for most of us parents. So that’s where I hope to help.

Balloons bigger than your head
Balloons bigger than your head

I provide ready made parties in a box containing gorgeous plates, cups etc on a theme plus crafts for all of the children to get stuck into, filled party bags which are bursting with things the kids can’t wait to take home, decoration and games.  I also tuck in a little note from me with more decoration ideas and games which all fit the theme of the party.

Party Bags from The Great Little Party Company
Party Bags from The Great Little Party Company

I can provide literally any extra you can think of from handmade superhero masks/capes and tutus to pre-wrapped pass the parcels with a pressy in each layer (one for each child attending) and a great prize in the centre. If you can think it up and we don’t already supply it, we can source it or make it.

Decorated Fairy Houses
Decorated Fairy Houses

Our party

So I could have a look at what was on offer I got sent a beautiful taster box, so just enough for two kids to have some fun, which was ideal for me.

The full boxes are all branded and you obviously get enough for more children, but I just need to get an idea of what was on offer. Impressed doesn’t quite cover it.

It's party time yey!!
It’s party time yey!!

Everything was beautifully wrapped. The party bags were gorgeous, filled with amazing quality gifts, crayons, colouring books, crafts kits and even sparkly play dough. Then there are all the cups, plates, napkins and straws you could need. All matching of course. You even get games that go with the theme you have chosen. So we got a fun toadstool game and pin the wand on the fairy. Decorations for the house. Lastly and most impressively are the craft kits. To keep the kids happy and occupied for a bit you get sent an amazing craft for them to do.

Cake Time!!

So we got the glue, sticker gems, feathers, pens and glitter glue out and let L and his friend decorate fairy houses. This was a big hit with my two guests of honour. One got to craft and have fun, the other got to relax and watch whilst we chatted and I dealt with the mess.

It was lovely watching the kids play together. It was even nicer being able to arrange such a fab party with little to no effort on my part. The kids loved the balloons, obviously, who doesn’t and they really enjoyed doing the crafts together. My birthdays girls loved their party bags, yes even the adult party girl!! And lots of the fairy stuff was kept and taken home for another day. The banner will be going into her bedroom, it was too cute to use for just one day, and the party games are going to be reused.

Excited boy
Excited boy

Everything was such good quality, I was really impressed. A lot of thought has gone into this. The theme was spot on and everyone had a great time.


We had a lot of fun and an amazing party. If you have a birthday coming up and want to try it for yourself I’ve got a great 10% discount for you. Just quote PARTY10 on any purchases before 15/09/16.  Just head to their Etsy store to get yours.

Disclosure – we were sent our tester box for the purpose of this article. All opinions are our own.

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