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The Hot Choc Club – Review

It is no secret I love a good subscription box. Happiness delivered to your door and there are so many types to choose from now, so there is no shortage of surprise packages to enjoy. I was recently sent a subscription box to The Hot Choc Club from to try out.

The Hot Choc Club have a huge array subscription clubs you can choose from, crafts, food, drink, beauty, books, music. You name it, you can subscribe to it.

With the weather being as it has been recently I opted for The Hot Choc Club. I love a good hot chocolate. One of my fave things about winter if I’m honest and I can be quite fussy. I was really excited to receive some delicious hot chocolate through the post, really excited! What would I get? What flavour? Would there be any toppings? I didn’t know as I had done very little research about the club beforehand, I’ll be honest I saw the words hot chocolate and got carried away.

The Hot Choc Club

You can subscribe to The Hot Choc club from £8.75 a month on a 12 month subscription, one off boxes are £10 each and there are other options in between.

When my box arrived I was pleased it fitted through the letterbox, always handy but after that I shall admit I was rather disappointed.

The Hot Choc Club

My little box contained one bag of milk chocolate buttons that would supposedly make 6 mugs of hot chocolate. The bag of buttons itself was nicely presented with a little bow, but the rest of the packaging was poor and not what I would expect for the price. I do wonder if this is because I was being sent a box to sample for free, but I don’t think it was.

No special flavours, no toppings, nothing different or special other than the fact it was pure chocolate and no powder.

The Hot Choc Club

To make the hot chocolate you have to mix the buttons with a little hot milk to make a paste and then add more hot milk to fill the mug. The suggested amount of buttons wasn’t remotely close enough to making a flavourful drink, we used more than double the amount and could have still happily added more.

It was lovely quality and made a really nice drink but I couldn’t justify spending that much for that amount every month and didn;t rate it as being particularly special. It’s a real shame as I wanted to love it.

The Hot Choc Club

So whilst I couldn’t recommend The Hot Choc Club to you, never fear, have loads of other options for many, many different things you could try. I quite fancy trying The First Wonder boxes to do with L and could 100% recommend the Craftiosity or Boxcitement subscriptions boxes having tried them both before and they are truly wonderful!

Disclosure – I was gifted my box from for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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