#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

The #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

I love cherries, one of my favourite fruits, so I figured this would be a pretty easy (and delicious) challenge to partake in. I was right. We’re right in the middle of British Cherry season so the #LoveFreshCherries Challenge, sponsored by Love Fresh Cherries, is all about celebrating this tasty fruit.#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

The challenge was super simple, enjoy some cherries, however I saw fit. To help me along the sent me a voucher for my local supermarket to spend on some lovely, juicy cherries and the also send me a cherry stoner. A little kitchen gadget that has made getting the stones out of cherries really quick and easy, perfect if you want to cook with them and better if you’ve got small children and need to take the stones out for them. It is definitely one of those kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed until you own it!#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

I didn’t quite know how I was going to use my cherries, I planned to bake with them but didn’t know what I would bake. I hadn’t factored in my husband when I bought them though. Two punnets delivered Monday, ready for some weekend baking. Ha! As if. One punnet was gone before Monday evening was out, L decided that now they could be given to him without the stones he loved them and husb quickly munched through the rest. Needless to say the second punnet didn’t make it to the weekend either! So back to the shops I went. #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

Not that I mind though, cherries are packed with vitamin C (100g provides 25% of the RDA of vitamin C), are a rich source of melatonin, which helps promote healthy sleep patterns (woop), and have an abundance of antioxidants. So as snacks go, these are pretty good. DId I mention they are delicious as well. #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

I’m not planning on claiming any credit for my cherry cake recipe. I literally googled ‘Recipes for fresh cherries’ and the first thing that popped up was a BBC Good Food cherry cake recipe that I had all the ingredients for. So L and I got down to work. The kid does love to bake and he also loved eating the cherries as he went, good thing I had bought plenty more. #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

Not too long later I had one of the most delicious cakes I have ever baked. It looked good, tasted better and I genuinely think I excelled myself. From this point forward consider Cherry Cake with a Hint of Cinnamon my signature dish. It was easy and the end result was immense. I even gave a slice to the builder who was over putting our new garden fence up, not often do I let strangers eat my baking!#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

The fresh cherries really made it, a far nicer flavour than a glace cherry and so juicy. Mmmmm. The cake was a nother thing that didn’t last long!#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

I had a really good time taking part in the #LoveFreshCherries Challenge, so did L. So much fun. #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

Disclosure – This post is an entry for the BritMums #lovefreshcherries Challenge, sponsored by Love Fresh Cherries (instagram: @LoveFreshCherries).#LoveFreshCherries Challenge

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