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The New and Improved GTech

Not that long ago I reviewed the GTech AirRam K9. I loved it. It has changed my cleaning life. I was way more excited about this vacuum cleaner than any sane person should be. Then I was invited to the launch of the GTech AirRam Mk2.

I'm not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam
I’m not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam

I’ll admit, I was on the fence about going. I didn’t know what they could do to make it any better and I didn’t want to trek all the way to London to find they had made 2 grams lighter, changed the colour or made the battery last an extra 30 seconds. But I was free that day and I love a day out in London, so off I went.

Oh my word. I am so glad I went. The new GTech cleaners are so amazing.

It was seemingly the hottest day ever, the tube was vile and I rocked up at a fancy event, not knowing anyone and feeling like a sticky red mess. So how on earth did I leave only a few hours later feeling elated.

Well a few drinks and a lovely lunch on the rooftop terrace helped. getting to meet loads of lovely people really helped. Hanging out with Dallas Campbell of The Gadget Show fame and Nick Grey the man behind GTech, who were both so lovely, was pretty awesome as well.

A neat and tidy cleaning corner
A neat and tidy cleaning corner

Above and beyond all that though was leaving with not only the newest GTech AirRam Mk2 to try out at home, but the GTech Multi Mk2 as well. Having seen them being demonstrated, trying them quickly myself and seeing the very impressive stats behind them I was very excited. The fact that the only downside I could find to the original AirRam was that you really needed the Multi and I didn’t have it also added to my general glee.

So what’s so different about the new and improved GTech cleaners?

Well obviously I can only compare the AirRam’s as I haven’t tried the original multi so here goes.

The battery is removable, so you have a lot more options when it comes to charging and you aren’t tied by cord length.

It has a light now. Fab for seeing into all those nooks and crannies. The dirt can’t hind. Exciting if you are a toddler and ‘helping’ mummy clean. No excuses for not cleaning, not even power cuts. Oh it saves me about 3.5 seconds each clean as I don’t have to turn lights on and off. Yes, I am that lazy.

Easy to store GTech AirRam
Easy to store GTech AirRam

It has a telescopic handle, it only does two sizes. Short and tall. Or toddler and adult. But it makes it smaller. Easier to store and that is pleasing to me. Oh and the handle can come off entirely now, meaning you can store it in a cupboard. Awesome.

It’s even easier to empty and clean. The filter is easier to get to and wash, plus there’s only one now, so a little less work. They have added a little lever so that you can push all the dirt out without actually having to touch, tap or bang anything. Genius.

It’s slightly better balanced now. By moving the battery from the handle into the main head section it just ever so slightly better to handle. It is neat and effective and easy to move.

Using the light to check everywhere is clean
Using the light to check everywhere is clean

There is a clever little plastic flap in front of the brush head. Doesn’t sound like much does it. But it creates a vacuum when you pull the cleaner backwards and this means it picks up all the tiny bits of dirt from cracks in floorboards and the depths pf your carpet like a million times better (not an actual statistic, but the numbers are pretty impressive should you care to head over to the GTech site and have a look).

So that’s what has changed and I am in love with my new cleaner. What hasn’t changed is the battery life, you still get a 40 minute use per charge or the price which is still a flipping amazing £199. I actually couldn’t believe that and had to double check at the event with Nick himself and I rechecked as I was getting ready to write this.

You can easily see when it's full now
You can easily see when it’s full now

As for the GTech Multi Mk2, well I can’t make any comparisons but I’ll tell you why I love it.

Power wise it is at least 6 times better than my old handheld cleaner. You don’t have to go over the same area twice. You don’t have to clear the filters after every use to get it to work. The battery lasts longer. It is better looking too.

It is a bit heavier and a bit noisier but it actually works. Which to be honest the old one did not.

The GTech Multi
The GTech Multi comes with a lot of tools

You get a really good tool selection with it. I like the little mini cleaner head, it’s great for upholstery, quick spot cleans on carpets, picking up pet fur and if I had them it would be awesome for stairs.

Then you get a couple of little brush heads for dusting, a crevice tool which handily stores in the handle of the Multi, a long tool so you can reach up high, or just not have to bend and a flexible pipe that folds back into itself.

The new Multi also has a light so you really can make sure you are cleaning every little corner.

The GTech Multi
The GTech Multi getting all those awkward corners

Combined with the AirRam you have everything a standard upright would offer but a lot more flexibility. I actually like having the AirRam purely to do the main cleaning and then having all the tools on the Multi. It is a lot more convenient and far less fiddly than trying to run tools from your upright cleaner.

The price on the Multi has also remained unchanged at £149. But if you buy both the AirRam and the Multi together you save £49 as they offer a bundle price of £299. This is what I would recommend if I’m honest, definitely buying the two together and taking advantage of the saving by doing it at the same time.

Great for reaching up high
Great for reaching up high

The two together are directly comparable to the V8 Dyson which retails at £499.99 and when you look at the stats behind each one you get the same 40 minute battery life but better cleaning and way more effective use of power. So there’s no real choice there in my opinion.

I wish I’d found the GTech’s sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of wasted time in researching and buying cheaper cleaners. We went through one every couple of years, if not sooner. We would have also saved ourselves a lot of money overall.

One final pic of L cleaning
One final pic of L cleaning

Disclosure – I was gifted my cleaners and was a guest at the launch event. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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