ROBLOX Celebrity

The New ROBLOX Celebrity Range

We recently got sent some of the New ROBLOX Celebrity range to play with. L loves anything collectable, anything he can get that comes in a bling bag or box and has a tick list he’s a fan of!

ROBLOX Celebrity
No having to guess what was in this parcel!

ROBLOX certainly fit that bill, but more than that it is also a brilliant online game and with your collectable toys you get exclusive codes to add to your online gameplay. A whole virtual world you can get entirely lost in, it really is full of possibilities and though L is a bit young to appreciate the game, I can see why it is so popular.

The toys are a great way to complement the game or, as in our case, to just enjoy and collect in their own right. With a mix of the really square and blocky figures, to more rounded ‘traditional’ style characters to collect they are a lot of fun.

ROBLOX Celebrity
We got sent a great range

L loves that you can mix and match between the figures, the legs, bodies, heads and accessories can all be switched around. Much to his amusement. The combinations he comes up with really make him giggle.

You can get the Mystery Figures that come inside ROBLOX display boxes that also make handy storage for all the accessories as well. Then there are game packs, key figures, mix and match sets. All sorts. There are a lot of figures to collect and each one has its own style and personality.

ROBLOX Celebrity
Such fun characters

I like that you have a mix of buying options, the sets where you can see what you are getting and the blind boxes giving you a mystery figure, a little mystery is always good.

You can pick them up easily too, we’ve seen them in loads of stores including our local supermarket, which is always handy for bribery or a treat.

ROBLOX Celebrity
Mixing and matching

The ROBLOX Celebrity range is cool and quirky and such good fun. We’re having fun with them.

ROBLOX Celebrity

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

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