My Little World

The Perfect Toy For Surviving Building Work

All summer long we had builders in working on our extension. Mostly the weather was great so we were just chilling out in the garden, or we had days out planned. When we were tired we still had an internet connection so we could watch Netflix in the conservatory. It genuinely wasn’t too bad.

My Little World

However, some days we were home, the weather was rubbish and on many of those days we had no internet as, on occasion, it had to be unplugged so things could be built. Those days were long. So freaking long.

Thankfully we had been sent My Little World. An innovative colouring set that allows you to create your own world. We had the Space set. It allowed both L and I hours of fun actually colouring in the pictures and when we were finished, with a bit of cutting and folding we had an entire world with space craft, aliens, astronauts and rockets to play with.

My Little World

The set comes in a nice cardboard box/envelope so it’s fab for travelling and easy to store the bits and bobs as you are colouring and when you’re finished. It also comes with a set of colouring pencils, so it’s literally everything you need in one box. Perfect for when all your worldly belongings are packed and hidden in any spare space you have.

Each set is also fully recyclable, all the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, the colouring cards are made from paper responsibly sourced, and pencils are safety tested. Everything other than the pencils and stands are manufactured in the UK using card from sustainable sources and are 100% recyclable.

My Little World

My Little World is great for weekends away, holiday travel, distraction toys and packs away easily in any bag, L loved the fun designs and I really enjoyed helping him colour them in too.

Disclosure – we were gifted our set in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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