The #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge

We eat out as a family quite a lot. It is enjoyable and often a nice break during a long day out. We have taken L with us to restaurants since pretty much the moment he was bored but there are definitely some things that make the experience better than others. Prezzo have recently launched some great family sharing dishes and we went to check them out as part of the #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge with BritMums.

Mmmm garlic bread

L’s plate of food

My Top Three Pet Peeves When Eating Out 

  1. Top of the list is buying L a meal just to see him not eat it. Not the fault of the restaurant or cafe, not at all. But as a parent there is nothing more annoying than to spend money on your child and watch them waste it. Oh I feel angry just talking about it. Aaargh.
  2. Being served a kid’s meal that makes volcanoes look positively chilly. Honestly, the order states kids meal. The wait staff have seen the age of the child. Just be a bit sensible. Cook the kids stuff first and leave it to cool whilst cooking the adult bits and bobs. Ta da. Hell hath no fury like a hangry toddler who can see food but not eat it.
  3. Having to wait ages. I know it often can’t be helped, but if you through some breadsticks our way then problem solved. Kids don’t understand wait time. Not at all. If you make them wait they don’t get hungrier. No they get less peckish. Bored. Troublesome. Honestly a slice of bread or a breadstick makes all the difference.

    Colouring in

Three Things That Make Eating Out Better

  1. Kids meals that are smaller versions of the adult food. Not just fish fingers or chicken nuggets. Trust us parents. If we’ve gone to an Italian, that’s what we and our kids want.
  2. Suitable sized cutlery and plastic cups. The amount of places that have presented L with a pint glass. Honestly, what is he supposed to do with that. Pop a plastic cup their way and a huge amount of pressure is taken off the parents. It is that one less thing to worry about.
  3. Being made to feel at ease. We eat out a lot. We have tried all kinds of establishments. Some places you are met with eye rolls, you can almost hear them muttering about the toddler who has walked in. Other places are straight away offering a window seat so little one can watch the cars. Directing you to a quiet corner out of the way. Helping with pushchairs or bags. Trust me it makes a difference.

    Prezzo was beautifully decorated

What Was Prezzo Like

We headed to a Prezzo in Sheffield. Yep. Far away from sunny Norfolk. But we chose to stop on our drive home from County Durham. What better way to end the holiday than with a family meal. A great way to break up the journey too.

There was loads of car parking, really close by. Bonus. The restaurant was really quiet for a Sunday lunchtime. Beautifully decorated and with a giant pizza oven that fascinated L. Some of the chairs were a little tired but generally it was very comfortable.

L had a great time

Our greeting was amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable. L was given a colouring sheet and crayons that he enjoyed and our drinks order was taken straight away.

As part of the BritMums & Prezzo #PrezzoLaFamiglia challenge we had a voucher for our meal, so I told the waitress straight away as it can sometimes cause a bit of confusion but she was fully aware of the campaign which was great.

We were seated in a booth, which I love when eating out, L gets trapped in between us but everyone has loads of space and he can wiggle about a bit without us worrying about him falling off a chair.

Child size cutlery

The Food

We were obviously trying the new La Famiglia sharing dish, a big dish of pasta to feed a family. You have a choice of Penne Arrabiata, Spaghetti Bolognese, Spaghetti Carbonara or Penne Alla Rusticana. As the Arrabiata was the only vegetarian option it is what we went for.

We had some cheese topped garlic bread to start which was delicious and then the pasta was served. In a giant bowl int he centre of the table. It was beautifully presented, we had all the serving equipment we could wish for and individual bowls to pop everything in.

The Pasta was delicious

The pasta was delicious, husb and I loved it. It was too spicy for L though. He tried it but didn’t enjoy it. I thought that might be the case, but as I don’t eat meat t was our only option. He had the rest of the garlic bread though so was happy.

Because it was a sharing dish, it didn’t matter that he didn’t eat it. We did! It was so good we somehow managed to finish a bowl made for four people between the two of us. We were so full by then end! It was so yummy.

L was far more up for desert than we were, shocking that. We all had a scoop of ice cream. I had a blood orange sorbet. Husb had a chocolate and sea salt affair. L had strawberry. Carrying on with the sharing theme we all tried each others. L trying much more of mine than planned, in fact he didn’t really try it, so much as eat it, all.

Ice cream time

What I Particularly Like About Prezzo 

The staff were amazing and so friendly. Everything was quick too.

There was loads of space, which is always nice.

L got given a plastic cup with a straw without us having to ask, they also had kids cutlery on hand.

I loved the booth seating

The sharing experience was fun and a bit different. It was nice to not have to spend ages choosing and just being able to dig in and have as much or as little as we wanted.

I really loved the chilled atmosphere, there were some young couples enjoying meals. An older couple next to us enjoying cocktails and desert (I was tempted to join them). A couple of other young families. Everyone had enough space and options to really enjoy themselves. It was all just very easy.

L loved watching the chefs cooking and was fascinated by the giant pizza oven.

After we had enjoyed our fill


We had a great time and I love the family sharing dish concept. It was really nice and a bit more homely. A lovely way for us to chill out and enjoy a meal and experience together. I would certainly do it again.

Disclosure – This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo. https://www.prezzorestaurants.co.uk/LaFamiglia/

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  1. So ready for lunch now! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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