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The Sevenhills Series – Book Review

L and I both love a good book and as he gets more and more independent with his reading we’ve had a great time finding new things together.

Recently we’ve been reading the first three books from a new series Sevenhills, the latest books from author Stuart Simmonds.

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You might recognise some of Stuart’s other books, Hannah the Spanner and Harry the Karate Monkey. Or, like us you might be completely new to his works.

The three books we’ve been reading are Don’t Touch that Razor Fraser, What’s the Plan Stan? and Parker and Rudi’s Most Amazing Adventure.

They are lovely bright and colourful books, nice and large, great for independent reading and really appealing to kids. We both love the rhyming format too. Who doesn’t love a good rhyming book!

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The stories are all so funny and Sevenhills sounds like quite the place to live.

In Don’t Touch that Razor Fraser, Fraser gets hold of his dad’s new razor and things do not go well, that is until he becomes an accidental viral sensation!

What’s the Plan Stan? Features four bored children who take a rather exciting trip to their grandma’s house. It’s a bit of a worry at the moment as all children are bored and I’m sure would love a trip to see Grandma, lets just hope when they can it’s far less eventful!

Sevenhills series

Parker and Rudi’s Most Amazing Adventure is all about two dogs who befriend a rockband and get to live that rockstar life! I got to listen as L and husb read this one evening and I’m not sure who giggled more.

Our favourite of the three is What’s the Plan Stan because it had a monster with a teddy on its tongue and that really amused L. 

Rather excitingly all the books are part of a fully interactive website

They were released on 25th January so you can go get them now if you want and they are the first three of the Sevenhills Series so we can be looking forward to more. 

Sevenhills series

Disclosure – we were gifted our books. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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