GBC Group Sunflower Growng

The Sunflower Growing Challenge from GBC Group

It’s not often challenges are more pleasurable than getting to spend some time in the garden with my best boy. So I was really happy to join in with the Sunflower Growing Challenge from GBC Group.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Our sunflower kit

GBC sent L and I a lovely little gift box with everything we needed to plant our seeds. Some fab little garden tools for L, plant labels, a measuring tape so we can see how high they grow and of course the seeds.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Digging his hole

Now I’m going to be honest I do not have high hopes for our sunflowers. For starters L planted them all by himself, so yes, every single seed went in essentially the same spot. He also insisted on planting them in his garden, AKA the building site. Now some of his seeds have made it, others haven’t, with it being his own area of the garden he does tend to dig things up before they have grown or trample them when they are small. Still he loved planting them.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Hole digging got ramped up a gear, the diggers were bought in

If they don’t flourish it’s not all L’s fault, they do say the latest to sow them is May and of course here we are in late June, couple that with the fact as soon as we planted them Norfolk was hit with two days of very, very heavy rain. I hope some of them survive though as L is so excited about measuring them and seeing if they will touch the sky. Cute.

So I have my fingers crossed.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Planting his seeds

To be honest though, does it matter if they grow or not? The whole point of GBC Group’s Sunflower Growing Challenge is for parents and kids to get outside and take part in a fun activity together. That is exactly what we did. It was so fun. We also found bugs and got grubby, laughed and giggled and chatted.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Putting in his plant markers

If you are more interested in planting the perfect sunflower GBC Group have created a fab guide, check it out. They should know, as specialists in garden buildings from greenhouses to garden offices, they are pretty good with all things outdoors.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Watering them in

Have you planted anything with your kids this summer? Have you been growing sunflowers? I’d love to see some pictures if you would like to share.

GBC Group Sunflower Growng
Our seeds ready to go

Disclosure – we were sent our sunflower kit in exchange for this post

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