Vileda Windowmatic

The Vileda Windomatic

We’ve gone through a bit of a cleaning breakthrough here in the Any Way To Stay At Home household. With the help of a list and some fab time saving products I’m feeling pretty smug in my domesticated-ness. So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my tips with you, this week it the Vileda Windomatic.

We now follow a weekly cleaning schedule and on that schedule Tuesday is the day we clean the windows. Now previously this hadn’t happened weekly, nor monthly for that matter. Window cleaning was very sporadic. So now I had to do it every week I wanted something to make it easier. 

Having worked with Vileda before reviewing their 100 degree hot spray mop, which has made Thursday’s a breeze, I straight away thought of them for my window cleaning woes. Thankfully they were happy to oblige.

Vileda Windowmatic
Vileda Windowmatic

The thing that bothered me about window cleaning was the mess and the waste. Rolls of kitchen roll being used up cleaning away the drips and splashes and muck. Having to cart around a bin bag and paper towels in addition to the window spray, sponge and squeegee thingy was also a chore.

I thought that the Windomatic would remove these two irritations and I was right. No more paper towels and bin bags. No more drips and dirty splashes. Just quick, easy streak free cleaning.

What I wasn’t banking on was the time it would also save.

In my mind the only thing I was cutting out was having to wipe up spills and cleaning the squeegee blade. Which would maybe be 5 minutes, a maximum of ten minutes off the whole job.

Sparkly Clean Windows and my Windowmatic
Sparkly Clean Windows and my Windowmatic

But it is now so much faster. Using the Windomatic has halved, literally halved the time it was taking me previously. To the extent that I’ve even had time to clean the outside of the windows too. I wasn’t doing this at all before, even with my new found cleaning schedule. That was for indoors only my mind.

There has been one more, very important added benefit to the Windomatic. It verges into gadget territory and this means it is just exciting enough that my husband wants to clean the windows, woop!

So what does it actually do? Other than save me time of course.

Well it’s very simple. It’s a handheld vacuum that sucks up the water through the attached squeegee blade. It’s cordless. Recharges quickly and is very easy to clean. It’s nice and light, fits in your hand well and isn’t too noisy. One charge will easily clean all my windows, inside and out or do two inside cleans, I live in a two bed bungalow with very large windows to give you an idea.

Vileda Windowmatic
Vileda Windowmatic

The head is flexible which is very useful as it bends to get you the best clean. I have been able to use it at all angles and have found you get a fab finish. The only downside is also a blessing. It has a large blade, meaning my large windows are done really quickly but it does make cleaning the smaller windows difficult.

The Vileda Windomatic is £49.99 and in my opinion worth every single penny.

Disclosure – I received my Vileda Windomatic free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions

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