The World Now

I don’t normally write about anything vaguely political, I don’t pretend to have the knowledge required. In fact I still don’t even know if I should publish this.

This week, with the terror attacks in Brussels, so soon after those in Paris, the world is becoming a worse place. People are becoming less tolerant than they were before, which scares me and shocks me at the same time. People also seem to be becoming numb to these horrific things.

After Paris there was a huge outpouring of solidarity, my Facebook feed was filled with images of the Eiffel Tower, everyone’s profile picture was changed, there was messages of support everywhere I looked.

After Brussels I have seen two images, two.

I’m sure it isn’t because people don’t care and I’m sure it’s only because it was made very easy for us all after Paris. There’s also a chance that it is just my experience.

What worries me is that my son is growing up in a world where people support the likes of Donald Trump who spouts racist and alarmist nonsense, who thinks it’s great his supporters are fighting, literally throwing punches, with those who see him for what he is.

It worries me that my son is going to be living in a world where, without a war, there are bombs and guns and hate, true hate.

It worries that where there are wars and conflicts, I live in a country with a lot of people who aren’t prepared to help because they believe they are hard done by, more so than those fleeing, those who have seen their homes torn apart, those who are truly scared for their lives.

I don’t really know how to express everything I feel about this, I just know I am fed up of seeing so much misery and pain and it worries me, the future worries me.

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