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There’s a New Menu at Turtle Bay


We love Turtle Bay, it’s a great place to eat as a family, amazing food, great atmosphere and fun staff. So we were eager to try out the new menu. We started our Summer Hare hunting and enjoying a meal at the Bay and we finished it the same way, perfect! 

Turtle Bay
His fave drink

So what’s new? I’ll bullet point it.

  • Smashing small plates and inspiring sides makes for social Caribbean tapas style dining – eat what you want when you want.
  • New burger menu – goat, halloumi and vegan.
  • New One Pots including two vegan options.
  • Vegan, low carb, gluten-free, paleo, low-alcohol – all bases are covered.

    Turtle Bay
    Kids Cheese Burger

The kids menu has remained unchanged, so L went for the Cheeseburger and he isn’t left out on the ‘cocktail’ front, enjoying his favourite pineappleade. He was well happy and I have learnt my lesson, instead of getting him a scoop of ice cream and ending up loosing my entire dessert to him, we just got him a slice of the amazing Banana and Toffee Cake, making him happier still.

Turtle Bay
Look how happy

This is a menu that will unite the food tribes – from strict vegans to the most carnivorous of meat lovers, from the adventurous food explorer to those who would like something small to enjoy with a cocktail, the new Turtle Bay collection will feed the whole crowd. The rule book has been thrown out of the window, and menu hacking is the order of the day.

Turtle Bay
Such great vibes

Not that I have ever struggled to eat at Turtle Bay with good vegetarian and vegan options it was great to see even more choice on the new menu.

Turtle Bay
Gotta be the Doubles to start with

There’s an abundance of small plates, sides and cutters made for endless possibilities – say hello to easy, breezy Caribbean eating and drinking.  All of this is inspired by island life – it’s about grazing, socialising or grabbing a working lunch, a chance to escape from the grind and embrace Turtle Bay’s beach shack experience. I loved this and already started planning a few to have when I go back to Turtle Bay for a Hen Party later this week!! Plus, there’s a great lunch menu now too.

Turtle Bay
Goat Burger

Husb went straight for the new  Smoking Goat Burger, it is the high street’s only goat burger. Goat’s sweet, delicate flavour makes for a tender and delicious burger – leaner than beef and bringing you a true flavour of the Caribbean. He loved it and as all burgers now come on their own so you can choose what you want from the abundant new side plates and cutters he went for Cheesy topped Jerk Fries.

Turtle Bay
Chickpea and Callaloo Curry

We’d walked a long way and I was hungry so it was straight to the one pots for me and the  Chickpea and Callaloo Curry sounded amazing, it certainly didn’t disappoint. It is a vibrant vegan sensation – curried chickpeas and coconut callaloo combine perfectly with light fluffy rice. It’s filled with flavour, truly satisfying but not to heavy. I could eat it again and again.

Turtle Bay
Husb started with Ribs

The new drinks menu sees Turtle Bay’s biggest update yet, a new Beach Shooters collection, Rum n Tonic, a whole new Alcohol Free section and the favourites have remained on that superb cocktail list, not forgetting 241 during Happy Hour (most the hours) as well.

Turtle Bay
Colouring time

As ever Norwich Turtle Bay provided a great experience, we got our fave waiter Roly, love him and had awesome food in an awesome restaurant. The new menu is well worth checking out so head on over to Turtle Bay.

Turtle Bay
Sparkly lights

Disclosure – we had our meal free of charge so we could try out the new menu, all thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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