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Things to do for stay at home mums from

Things to do for stay at home mums

Being a mum is a wonderful thing, but not an easy job. It takes a lot of strength to sacrifice all your dreams and pay attention to your baby unconditionally. What if you don’t really have to pick a side? What if you are given the opportunity to earn from home and do what you like without depending on anyone?

Sound’s cool right? So here are few things for you to consider doing while you are stuck at home with your baby:-

Start blogging:-

This doesn’t mean you have to start writing only about parenting issues. It can be anything such as lifestyle, fashion, food, travel etc. Things that suits your interest. The more you follow your instinct along with being informative and creative, it is more likely for you to gain followers which you will definitely require to make more money.

Live your hobbies
Live your hobbies

Live your hobby:-

Be it sketching, reading, listening to music or anything! Each one of us have this one hobby that we love to do while we are at home. So, just start living it all over again. Dedicate at least some amount of time every day. You don’t have to do it all the time, but if your hobby helps you grow in future, you should really think about it.

Find something special to do with your baby:-

Every now and then your baby might trouble you, but instead of whining about it you can actually replace it with some perfect Mummy-Baby time! It can be anything from taking selfies or playing with your kid. This will not only help you overcome your problems but will also let you have some amazing bonding time.

Mummy & baby time
Mummy & baby time

Play Bingo:-

Online Bingo is something which all mummy’s should try! It is a delightful game which not helps you earn money but will also allow you to socialize and make friends with other like minded people. Especially sites like are offering a free bingo bonus worth £15 immediately after registering.

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