Things to Know About Working from Home #1

Preparing for meetings with a toddler in the house

When I started blogging two years ago the aim was to help me find a way, any way, to stay at home. I tried a few different things, took a few courses and found myself working as a Social Media Manager. I was able to leave my admin job and am now officially self employed. I thought I would start sharing some of the things I have learnt along the way.

This week I had a meeting with a potential new client, preparing for meetings is important but with a toddler in the house it can be tough! Take

  1. Start getting ready early. I had a 1pm meeting, I started getting ready at 8am. My shower ended up being a play time bath, breakfast ended up being a porridge war, he’d hidden my shoes and emptied my handbag, more than once. You get the picture.
  2. Take the time to do the little things that make you feel confident. Is it painted nails? Make-up? Heels? Whatever little things make you feel great, make sure you do them. It is worth plonking them in front of YouTube to be able to do these extra things. For me it’s painted nails and straightened hair, these two things make me feel a thousand times better about myself, which means I perform better. I let L pick out my nail polish colour and then set him up in front of the iPad whilst it dries!
  3. Whatever you do, don’t put your outfit on until the last possible minute, toddlers re grubby little things, they automatically become grubbier when you look nice, it’s just the way it is. Do
  4. Get your childcare arrangements sorted so you have at least an extra hour to yourself both before and after your meeting. You need the calm time to prepare, have a little walk before you go in, grab a coffee, just relax a bit and you deserve the calm time to decompress afterwards. I popped into Lush to grab a fancy bath bomb, took a walk in the sun and popped over to see a friend, that was my treat. My little moment of calm after all the stress.
  5. Find some child free time to do your research, I found freeing up an evening after the little one was in bed works best for me. Research the company you are about to meet with, the people, their ethos and find out what you can about their plans for the future and the business. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. Research everything, even down to where you are going to park, so you have as little stress as possible on the day.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful, they aren’t ground breaking, but they do work.

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8 thoughts on “Things to Know About Working from Home #1”

  1. It’s amazing how long things can take with a toddler around isn’t it! I always think I have more time than I actually do, it’s a bit of mental block! Love your tip about not getting dressed till the last possible minute, that’s one I do follow if I have to go somewhere looking presentable. x

    1. So very long! I don’t know how someone so small can create so much carnage when I’m on a deadline! 😀

  2. You’ve got some great points there. I do a fair bit of work from home, but usually in the form of telephone conferences. Even then though it does help to have my smart, work look going. I feel more confident and on top of things than if I am in grubby jeans.

    1. Yep! Currently on the sofa, surrounded by stuff in my grubby leggings! As I know I’m not seeing anyone. Need to move to my desk and get my act together together today! Xx

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