This Plus That Equals…. #10

This plus that equals…. a turning point

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week I thought I’d share my turning point, that moment I realised I could really be better than I was. 

This morning I woke up to two Facebook memories from last year, the first was a post from the morning with lots of pictures of my little boy and me saying how I couldn’t believe I was about to leave him for three nights. The second was from later that evening from my hotel room at Heathrow airport.

Me and boy
I can not believe he was this small a year ago

You see this time last year I was about to head off to Rome with Bridgestone and this trip was kind of a big deal for me, for many reasons.

For starters it made me realise that I could leave the little one for a few nights, enjoy myself, have a break, recharge and the world wasn’t going to come to an end. I’ve since had a few well earned mini breaks away, some for work, some just for a rest, all brilliant.

Bridgestone Press
My Bridgestone Pass

I realised that my blog deserved more of my attention and I turned a corner on that front. Being asked to go on a trip like that was an amazing feeling, but I did kind of expect to arrive and for everyone to realise that I didn’t belong! The wonderful Aby from You Baby Me Mummy was also on this trip, if you’ve read her blog you’ll know how inspirational she is, if you haven’t read it you should. Well she was just so lovely and so helpful and full of hints and tips. She really helped me believe in myself a bit more. I’ve since moved my blog onto WordPress, redesigned it, generally spent a lot more time on it. Whilst it is still just a hobby, it’s one I’m far more dedicated to.

Bridgestone Interview
Being interviewed for Bridgestone

It gave my confidence a massive boost. I went on a press trip, to a foreign country. I drove all the way to Heathrow by myself. Meeting up with people who I had only met in the virtual world. I was interviewed, on film, after a bit of nudge from Aby and Ben. I drove moderately fast on a wet track in an unfamiliar car. These were some of the bravest things I had ever done, not only did I survive, I had the best time.

Tourist Time! Sight seeing in Rome

I also realised that I hated my admin job and I had to leave it. I set myself a Christmas deadline, I was out of there by August! Obviously I had known for a while I didn’t want to be there, hence me calling my blog ANY Way To Stay At Home, but when I realised that it could make me miss wonderful opportunities, like going to Rome, I really had something to work towards. Yeah, I had got annual leave for this trip, but what about the next one? Also when I got back to the office to receive nothing but mean jealousy from some of my colleagues it was a bit of a downer. I now only surround myself with people who build me up, not break me down.

Bridgestone test
Actually driving on the track, eek

The entire trip was amazing, truly once in a lifetime. I doubt I’ll ever get an experience like that again, but I really don’t mind. I met some great people, made some new friends, ate well, saw the sights, got to drive really fast and it was a major turning point for me, that, I am eternally grateful.

I don’t know where I’ll be this time next year, I don’t have any major goals. Maybe I should set some!! I’d like to have more clients and more job stability. I’d like to be slimmer and healthier. I’d like to carry on making my blog better, it makes me so happy, it deserves the attention.

Do you have a specific turning point that you remember? 

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6 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. #10”

  1. It sounds like a great trip and a brilliant kick to get you going in the direction you wanted to. It sounds amazing fun and so so brave! I’m sure you’ll be doing amazingly in a year’s time as your blog is brilliant. thanks for sharing #thebabyformula
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  2. It’s fantastic that you reached a turning point, it really does make all of the difference when you realise things have to change, doesn’t it? It sounds like you had a great trip, and I love that the whole experience mad you realise you could do so much more. #TwinklyTuesday
    BloggerMummyLauren recently posted…Getting Fit AgainMy Profile

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