This Plus That Equals…. #11

This plus that equals…. things that really annoy me

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week I thought I’d share my least favourite things, the ones that really annoy me, I’ll warn you most of them are entirely irrational.


Groups of people on paths who don’t move over. So there’s normally just me and the boy, plus the bag of stuff I need for him and more often than not shopping bags too. So why oh why can that hand holding couple not just walk one behind the other for two seconds or that entire grown family not take up the path, the road and most of the available space around me. What do they expect me to do!? Usually we just stand to one side, my poor boy squashed between me and too many bags.


Supermarkets. Yep, as a whole entity, there is nothing about a supermarket I like. If I’m going to have a row with the other half it’ll be in a supermarket. What do I dislike so much about them though, well it’s a long list but here’s a few things. People having a catch up in the aisles so I can;t get tp what I need. Checkout assistants who just throw your shopping at you and/or start serving the next person before you’ve even finished packing. Self service checkouts.  Things being out of stock. Stock being moved. Overpriced children’s rides at the entrance/exit. People who comment on my child melting down in the trolley, I mean dear god, if I don’t want to be there why the hell should he, your comments do not help, ever, however well meaning you may be.

Delivery companies that give you an hour delivery slot, but not until the day it’s due, what’s the point, you still can’t plan anything. Worse are the deliveries that don’t turn up when they say they will or the ones that don’t turn up at all.


The other half putting a load of washing in the machine without mentioning it to me, so when I rock up with an arm load of dirty clothes I find it full either waiting to be turned on or needing to be run again because I’ve got no idea how long it’s been there. A classic case of trying to be helpful not working out at all and it drives me crazy.

Eating Out
Eating Out

I really dislike that when we’re out and we buy a kids meal it is served hotter than a volcano, honestly, who has a kid prepared to wait let alone a toddler. Cook their food, pop it to one side, cook ours and serve all together and leave bread sticks or something on the table to appease the toddler whilst we wait for the cooking/cooling procedure. Don’t bring out food that we have to leave out of reach but not of sight of our little ticking time bombs, it’s just cruel.

That’s just of the many things that irritate me. What would you add to the list. 

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14 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. #11”

  1. Oh wow, sometimes I read a post and think I really could have written this! Yes yes yes. I’ve just read your supermarkets paragraph to hubby and he agrees to. I didn’t read him your washing one though as he might object to that one 🙂
    Thanks for sharing #thebabyformula

  2. Brilliant post, love a good rant!! The first two really resonate, slow people walking, which is definitely not irrational & supermarkets…I personally hate when people whizz round the corner of the aisle, ramming their trolley into mine so hard my little girl wobbles in the trolley seat. There’s then an awkward pause, and they usually very sheepishly say sorry…gah!! #thebabyformula

  3. Recognise a lot of these irritants, particularly volcanic children’s meals! Share your frustration with deliveries too!


  4. I love this blog post, I love a good moan or rant! I particularly hate it when you get stuck behind people, the other day I got stuck behind a group of Spanish tourists on the thinnest pavement in London, obviously with buggy there was no getting past them. The other thing that really annoys me is when your walking at pace, and someone just stops in front of you, you then plough into them or have to quickly swerve around them! Thanks so much for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG, hope you come back next week. Claire x

    1. It’s so frustrating! The sudden stoppers annoy me too as well as the ones who push past you just to then really slow down! I could rant about it for ages! Xx

  5. Ha ha! You would have loved the babyccinos I was served today for my two – hotter than the sun they were! I mean, who did they think was going to drink them?
    Good list – small things can be maddening!
    x Alice

    1. Is it seriously so hard for people to just move over!! Don’t even get me started on bringing out the kids food last, all that means is that I don’t eat, cos he’ll have munched down all of mine and won’t let me eat his, because, well, it’s his!!

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