This Plus That Equals…. easy toddler fun for tired parents

This plus that equals…. easy toddler fun for tired parents

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week are a few things me and L do together to keep him happy, with minimum effort on my part, great for those days when you are just ridiculously tired.  

Having fun together
Having fun together

  1. Colouring, a few pens and a colouring book and so long as I’m in the room to keep the colouring on the paper and off the walls everyone is happy and it takes about 3 seconds to set up and put away.

    Making cards for mummy
    Trapped in the highchair to keep his colouring contained
  2. Getting outside, we’re lucky enough to have a lovely garden and he’s at his happiest when he’s in it. I can work at my desk in the conservatory, sit out in the sun or run about with him. Easy, peasy fun.
  3. Pretending to sleep, this a really good one for the days when I’m just too exhausted to move. Simply lay on the floor/sofa/bed and pretend to sleep whilst a gleeful toddler happily ‘sneaks’ up on you to wake you up.

    Garden Fun
    Garden Fun
  4. Stickers, there is nothing that a sticker won’t fix. They don’t make much mess, they are fun for all and involve very little input from me, other than allowing myself to be stickered!
  5. Movie time, one of my favourite activities as it involves lots of snuggles and cuddles on the sofa and everyone is happy.

    Just a normal week with this little fella
    Yes, sleeping!

What things do you do to keep the kids happy when you are too tired to get really active with them?

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2 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. easy toddler fun for tired parents”

  1. Cbeebies, hide and seek (where nobody seeks), who can stay quiet for the longest…..whatever it takes so I can lie on the couch and enjoy just five minutes with my feet up! Fab post, thanks for sharing! #thebabyformula

    1. Brilliant, cbeebies was right up there for me until he discovered YouTube. I’ve tried who can stay quiet the longest but he only lasts about 3 seconds 🙁 xx

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