This Plus That Equals…. #5

This plus that equals…. a great family weekend away 

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week are the things that make a great family break. 

The Norfolk Broads
The Norfolk Broads

  1. Not going far! Toddlers and car journeys and just drama. We do travel, a lot, but for Easter we are literally heading a few miles away to the Norfolk Broads with Herbert Woods and I can’t tell you how much pressure and planning is lifted by knowing we’ll only be 40 minutes from home.

    A sunny day at the Herbert Woods Boat Yard last year
    A sunny day at the Herbert Woods Boat Yard last year
  2. Self Catering. Now I love being cooked for and having no washing up, but when we are only going away for a few days and don’t have any real plans. I like the whole home from home thing. Breakfast we all enjoy, not having to worry about a food related public meltdown, being able to just feed the child baked beans if we so desire.

    Daddy and son enjoying our Herbert Woods boat last year
    Daddy and son enjoying our Herbert Woods boat last year
  3. A beautiful location. Waking up to a beautiful view and maybe getting a few quiet minutes to enjoy it before everyone else wakes up is one of my favourite things about a holiday and I’m pretty sure we’ll get that this weekend at the Broads.

    The Broads - Bootiful
    The Broads – Bootiful
  4. Taking enough toys and DVDs and ways to watch YouTube as we can carry. We have no idea what the weather will bring us, what the little one’s ever changing mood will be like or how a new location will affect him. Every holiday so far he has been a trooper, boats, tents, caravans, hotel rooms all taken in his stride But each break brings new things to worry about and this time I don’t know how he’ll be sleeping in a single bed, he’s used to his toddler bed, but that’s low to the ground, no real fall hazard. I might still take his travel cot, hmm….

    Sometime’s it just doesn’t matter what you do, a vending machine will ruin your day – Dinosaur Adventure Park, this weekend
  5. Having distraction free family fun time. Lets face it, it’s the whole point of going away. Yes we’re not going far but it’s still a holiday and we’ll still visit some of the great tourist attractions around the broads, we’ll walk, we’ll play and we’ll be together with no work and no worries for a few days.

    Fingers Crossed for blue skies
    Fingers Crossed for blue skies

What things make your ideal family break?

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2 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. #5”

  1. Sounds like a brilliant time, hope it’s going well still as the weather is not great!
    I agree, limiting travel does make things easier, we went away a few weeks ago for a night, and only travelled 30 miles, but we had a brilliant time. These are fab tips xx
    Thanks for sharing #TheBabyFormula
    New Mummy Blog recently posted…15 Mummy TantrumsMy Profile

    1. Yesterday was fab and today the reason held off but oh my at the moment it’s bad! Fingers crossed it blows through by tomorrow 😀

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