This Plus That Equals…. #6

This plus that equals…. why I failed at today

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week are the reasons that mean I want to just write today off!

Playing nicely
Playing nicely
  1. I forgot I was supposed to be meeting a friend today, lots of apologies were made. Thankfully she had forgotten too, but her little one has got chicken pox, she has an excuse, I do not.
  2. The child wasn’t dressed until well after lunch. He only got dressed because he got grubby at lunch!

    Noooo! Don't eat it
    Noooo! Don’t eat it
  3. Lunch was a packet of microwave rice with some mixed veg from the freezer and some cheese as it was all that was in the house, at least I fed him some vegetables though.
  4. I was good and built him up the sand table he was given for Easter, I tried to answer some e-mails and then found him eating the sand.
  5. I’ve got a cold sore, nuff said!

    What?! Why are you sitting on it?
    What?! Why are you sitting on it?

Do you ever have days you just want to write off? I completely failed at today, but maybe I’ll win tomorrow.

Note – I wrote this yesterday but forgot to publish it!! FAIL.

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8 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. #6”

  1. Yup often have days I just want to write off… I think this is completely normal though so don’t worry. This week in my house we’re having a couple of not-getting-dressed-til-after-lunch days. I think it should be law in the school hols unless you actually need to go out 😉 x #thebabyformula

  2. Aww bless ya, I’m pretty sure we all have days like this I know I do, in fact I had one yesterday, kids were late for nursery then walked all the way there and had forgotten the bags for nursery. Wasn’t my day yesterday. However today’s a new day lol and better, hopefully tomorrow will be for you too

    1. It’s only when you’re already running late that things get forgotten isn’t it! Glad today is going better for you, I have high hopes for tomorrow! Xx

  3. I really like your blog, glad to have found it through this link up. I have so many write off days, days where I wish I’d never lifted the cover over my head but hey, tomorrow is another day!! #thebabyformula

    1. Aww thank you, that’s made me smile 😀 wouldn’t it be nice if just some days we could get a do over!

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