This Plus That Equals…. #7

This plus that equals…. how to rock being a toddler

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week I thought I’d share some of the ways my son has got being a two year old down to a fine art shudders

Playing golf is just one way to rock toddlerhood
Playing golf is just one way to rock toddlerhood

  1. Repeatedly ask for something, like going to play in the garden, preferably at a time inconvenient to your parent, like when they’re in the shower. Then when they finally cave, and if they don’t you’re doing it wrong, scream like they are trying to feed you broccoli.

    Noooo! Don't eat it
    Sand is an essential part of your diet
  2. Refuse all food types apart from Easter Egg, loudly and vehemently, then eat sand from the sand pit in the garden, making sure mummy see’s you. I find yelling, ‘Mummy yum yum’ really helps and as a bonus tip, getting close enough so she can hear it crunching between my teeth seems to really annoy her. 
  3. If you are ‘good’ all morning your parents may take you somewhere nice, like the zoo, be excited about this the whole car journey but the second they are within sight of the entrance fall asleep. This is good because you will get a nap, lush, and when you do wake up, miles from the original destination you are well within your rights to kick off because they did promise to take you to the zoo! Pa ha ha. 

    It may look like I'm helping with the gardening, in actual fact I'm digging up the seeds we planted the day before
    It may look like I’m helping with the gardening, in actual fact I’m digging up the seeds we planted the day before
  4. When out and about don’t be afraid to just pick whatever you want from the shops, take it to the counter and put it by the nice till people. Queue’s don’t apply to you, you are two. Your mummy will be too embarrassed to do anything other then pay for it.  **Note the item you choose needs to be reasonably priced otherwise mummy may say no, you have to know where to draw a line.
  5. Get your parents into a routine, wake up early every morning for weeks on end until they start to do it too. Then when they are accustomed to waking up early enough to have time to do everything that needs to be done, making breakfast, ensuring your toys are correctly lined up and preparing the cat for the fun day ahead, you can then start sleeping a bit more. This way they will still be awake to prepare everything, whilst you rest, they will do everything super silently, for fear of waking you and you will know that you have won. Short term pain for long term gain.

    I make mummy find me at least one Ladybird a day
    I make mummy find me at least one Ladybird a day

Do your little ones do anything similar?

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2 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. #7”

  1. Haha yes yes yes…. and my toddler is only 16 months, so I can see exactly how she’s working up to these 🙂

    We haven’t tried sand yet, though we’ve just bought a sandpit, so will brave it soon! I dread the crunching! I can just see H ‘mmmm’ing at it with a cheeky grin!
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    1. Oh she’ll be there all to soon!! The sand pit is so much fun but I cannot stand him crunching away on it, like fingernails down a blackboard, eurgh! 🙂

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