This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Autumn

This plus that equals…. Autumn

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about Autumn and why I love it.

Comfy clothes
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Chunky Knitwear

Summer is over and just like that with the cool air and frequent rain showers I can go back to hiding in my chunky, soft and warm knitted jumpers.

Autumn is great because I often don’t need a coat, just a warm jumper. Snuggled up and cosy, I’m very happy.

It’s as close to hibernating as I can get and I can do it all the time.

Enjoying the Autumn Colour


I love the colours of Autumn. Rich browns and deep reds but with plenty of bright yellows and greens for good measure.

When the sun shines you get the most amazing soft light and even as I look outside now and the drizzle has set in and the skies are grey I can see a glimpse of left over roses and a my bright red Acer.

Orford Castle


Slower Pace

Everything takes a naturally slower pace for us when Autumn arrives. Less inclined to make the most of the good weather and happy enough to cuddle up with a hot chocolate and a movie.

Autumn is when I start to recharge my batteries. Weather wise it’s still quite easy, not too cold or too hot, just grab a jumper or a rain mac so going out doesn’t require huge amounts of planning.  Plus when we do venture out everything is quieter and that is lovely.

Walking with Daddy



This is a new one for us, but Autumn marks the start of a fresh school year.

Routines to be settled back into and fresh uniform, stationery and a clean slate.

School for me also means getting at least a little daily walk and on days I’m not heading straight to work, a nice long walk through the fields. I do love to walk.

Feeling Calm


The Countdown to Christmas

Sorry for mentioning it so early but the start of Autumn is the start of the Christmas countdown for me.

With L’s birthday, husb’s birthday, Halloween, Bonfire Night all coming one after the other it’s not long until December 1st and the start of my festivities.

I love all these events and plan like mad for them and it means Christmas comes round before I know it. Autumn always flies by.

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Cup of Toast



13 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Autumn”

    1. It certainly is hectic. He started less than two weeks ago, there’s been a birthday party, a fun run, another invite for a party, forms, requests for money, the local newspaper visiting….. He’s not even doing full days yet. Jeez

  1. I do love autumn. As you say, the colours, the looking forward to cosy times over winter. It’s nice before the hour changes too, as the evenings still aren’t too dark x #Blogstravaganza

  2. I am the least happy in the summer time and the most happy in the winter time so Fall is a fantastic ramping up to Christmas time! 102 days and counting!
    I can’t wait for our weather to catch up to the season so we can enjoy some of that knitwear!

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