This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Christmas Holidays

This plus that equals…. Christmas Holidays

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. It doesn’t seem long ago I was so excited for L’s first Half Term, well now the Christmas Holidays are upon us and I am beside myself with happiness. 

Feeling Calm
He spends so much time at school we don’t get to see people as much

Catching Up With Folk

The first few days of our break are already planned. L will be spending a days chilling with his grandparents, they miss each other. School has been a big change for their relationship, from spending a day together once a fortnight to captured hours here and there has been a lot. 

We’ll be popping to see my Aunt hopefully with my sister, baby arrival dependant. So L can see his Aunt and Great Aunt all at the same time. 

We’re going to lunch with L’s nursery key worker who he has been missing dreadfully. 

Then we’re into Christmas and the friends and family we’ll be seeing over the festivities anyway. 

Seeing the Christmas Lights
Seeing the Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Usually by now I would have taken L to see the Christmas lights several times. 

There would have been a night dropping husb off in Norwich for his work Christmas outing, where normally L and I have a wander to see everything before grabbing dinner together and heading home. But as he now works in Ipswich, that’s off the cards. 

We would also elongate our drive home from nursery most nights to drive round all the houses and see their lights. We now have a five minute walk home and L has been so tired the the thought of going for a random drive has not been appealing!

So I would really like to take him out somewhere special, with lots of lights, as a treat. I’m thinking Blickling Hall maybe, or just doing our usual and going to Norwich. I’m undecided. 

Feeling Calm
Movie time


After the main part of Christmas is over, we purposefully have very little planned. 

All three of us just need some time at home doing very little. PJ days, walks to the playground, movie watching and new toy playing. That will be lovely and just what we all need. 

L is exhausted from school, husb is exhausted from work drama, I am exhausted from dealing with the two of them. 

We need some nothing time!

My Workspace
I won’t be working at  home sadly


Most upsettingly for me, I’m actually working quite a lot over the Christmas holidays. 

Husb’s office is closed for the break, so it seems silly me taking a load of holiday and unpaid leave to cover this school holiday when I’ll need every day I can get for all of the other school holidays!

What it also means, is that unusually, I can actually be helpful and cover some shifts for other people so they can have some time off. I’m the only parent in the team and they always rally together so I can have Christmas itself off, as such I always work New Years so they can go party. It’s also then nice to be able to cover some extra days so everyone gets a reasonable break. 

It’s not often I am able to cover shifts and help out, so I really do like to when I can. It makes me feel more useful 

Feeling Calm

Being Together

The thing I’m looking forward to most? It’s simple. Just being together. 

It’s fair to say I’ve not handled the whole school thing at all well, and whilst L may be rocking it, I miss him so much it hurts. 

I can’t wait to just spend some extra time with him. I just cannot wait. 

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  1. Sounds pretty perfect to me! We’re having a very pared down Christmas, it’s our first one as a family of five and for once we neither hosting or driving halfway up the country to family. Sooo…we’re having a posh buffet so we don’t have to spend the day in the kitchen and we plan to spend it on the living room floor instead just playing, cuddling and trying out the new board games! #TwinklyTuesday

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