This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Comfort

This plus that equals…. comfort

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the things that bring me comfort. I need it at the moment, I’ve been dealt a blow I was expecting and wasn’t prepared for, a family member who is ill and likely won’t get better, so it’s comfort I’m after right now.

Baabuk Yves Slippers
Toasty warm toes

Warm Feet

Curled up on the sofa under a warm blanket with my feet snug in my slippers and I’m a happy girl.

For all the physical comfort and lovely treats and food, if my feet are cold all bets are off. There is something about being snug and cosy that starts and ends with toasty toes.

So that’s where I start, it’s simple and can be just wearing two pairs of socks when I go to work, or properly cuddling up with a hot water bottle.

Feeling Calm
Can’t beat a hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

I don’t drink much by the means of hot drinks. The odd herbal tea here and there, occasionally a hot Ribena if I’m poorly but my go to drink if I’m sad am in need of comfort is a hot chocolate.

Shocked you there didn’t I? You all thought it would be gin, but gin does have a tendency to make me weepy if I’m already sad, so it’s not always the best.

Sitting down with a hot chocolate is a delight, maybe it’s because I have to stop to drink it, savour it and maybe it’s because L enjoys them too so I actually get to drink it whilst it is hot.

Feeling Calm
Just missing the cat

My boys

The child, the husband, the cat. My boys are all great.

Be it the cat curled up at my side or my son pulling faces until I laugh, I know between the three of them they have my back. What couldn’t be comforting about that.

Sure they all drive me crazy multiple times a day but at least only one of them brings me mice!

Back to school sadness
This weather has been amazing

Fresh air

The worse I feel the longer I’ll walk.

It’s simple but it does the trick. I can walk my way through my feelings, working them out with every single step.

It’s more than that though, whatever the weather, the sounds, the sights, the familiarity of it all is really comforting, Bird song, warm sun, a fresh breeze, the scent of the mud it’s all wonderfully calming.

Cadbury Halloween
All the chocolate


Oh I definitely seek comfort in food and it works!

Chocolate, cheese, potatoes, bread, pasta, Hugs from the inside!

Cheese and potato pie, followed by some kind of chocolately treat is my idea of perfection. Serve it was a bottle of wine or a few G&Ts and I’ll be very happy.

It’s not the healthiest relationship to have with food but it works for me and really does help me feel better.

Finally, I’m linking up with #TwinklyTuesday, #Blogstravaganza and #StayClassyMama

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