This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Festive Faves

This plus that equals…. Festive Faves

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week it’s about those little festive faves of mine, just some of the many reasons I love December and Christmas time.

Christmas stress
Christmas Jumper on and I’m good to go

Christmas Jumpers

To be fair, I didn’t wait for December before I started rocking my Christmas jumpers. I love knitwear at the best of times, it’s warm, it’s comfy, it looks great. Add a festive twist and I’m in my element.

It’s easy to join in with, a jumper will last years, it’s practical as I’m always toasty warm. It just makes me happy.

As I get to wear them to work as well it’s the only time I’m ever actually warm in our shop, so that’s another benefit and my vast collection of jumpers provides an easy talking point with my customers.

Feeling Calm
Decorating the tree with my best elf


I love decorating the tree and the rooms of our house. It’s another thing that just gives me joy. L loves it as well. The house feels so empty when everything gets taken down after Christmas.

The twinkling lights, every decoration I’ve collected over the years, many with a story or some meaning behind them, many without, just pretty.

It’s a mismatched festive collection of joy that we add to every year and I love adding to it with L.

It’s not just our house though, I love driving home from work or going for a walk and getting to see houses and shops and whole towns glittering and sparkling away.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
Simple things to create an amazing change


I love Christmas food so much. Mince pies are amazing, the excuse to have a bowl of peanuts on the go 24/7, crackers, cheese, pickles. All of the chocolates, Lebkuchen, gingerbread.

It’s all so good.

Christmas food tends to be prettier as well and there is always an excuse to bake or decorate and just go the extra mile.

Penguins and a Polar Bear
Penguins and a Polar Bear


My heavy metal, punk rock loving self also loves a Christmas classic.

I can’t think of a sing that doesn’t make me smile. I’m listening to a bit of Michael Buble as I type and I’m very happy.

If Chris Rea Driving Home for Christmas pops on the radio it’ll be turned up and I have a dedicated festive playlist just to keep me going.

It drives my husband crazy but I don’t care. L is obviously following in my footsteps as he has a Christmas CD that he plays as he falls asleep every night.

Feeling Calm
Christmas Cocktails

The Scent

Cinnamon, cloves and all things warm and spicy. The scent of Christmas sneaks in everywhere and I love it.

Candles will be burning at home, the decorations filled with orange and spice that fill rooms with such an inviting scent. Mulled wine warming in the kitchen and filling the air.


It’s everywhere too, from the Christmas Pop up shops that are filled with little treats, Christmas markets selling amazing fudges, decorations, gifts and more mulled wine.

December must be horrible if you don’t love Christmas, thankfully for me, it all makes me very happy and I just embrace it.

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  1. Ahh, I love this season too. It’s so much fun. I love seeing all the lights and having an excuse to snuggle up in the evening in front of a Christmas film with snacks 😉 thank you for linking up with #Blogstravaganza!

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