This Plus That Equals… Funny Things My Toddler Says

This plus that equals…. funny things my toddler says

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the funny little things L has come out with recently. I’ve noted down some of his little sayings before, it deserved updating though.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
Time for a cuddle

I Love You


He’s all about the affection right now. There is lot of I Love You’s and hugs and cuddles. Each and every time it makes my heart melt. He has also taken to calling me his Darling Mummy Teddy Bear, which, lets face it, is adorable.

Little Poser

Vegetable Insults

‘You’re a Potato.’ ‘Well you’re a Sweetcorn.’ ‘You’re Broccoli.’ ‘You’re a Swede.’ ‘No you’re a Swede.’

These conversations, if you can call them conversations can go on for ages. Basically until one or the other of us has just started laughing. I don’t really know how this came about but it is at least expanding his vegetable based vocabulary.

Updates at work
My boy


The kid has really started to enjoy singing. A little bit of Twinkle twinkle here. A rendition of any/all the Frozen songs there. Even some of the weird ones from the delightful CD my friend bought him for Christmas that now lives in my car.

Although yesterday when he launched into Welcome to the Jungle I was both shocked and impressed. There’s hope for him yet.

Playing Trains
Playing trains, too little to tidy them up though

I’m Too Little

This is in equal measure cute and frustrating. It will come about wen I ask him to do something. Tidy his toys away or play by himself for a few minutes.

‘I can’t mummy, I’m just little. You’re grown up, you do it.’

Of course this will get turned on it’s head when he wants to do something ridiculous like drive the car.

‘You can’t honey, you’re too small to drive.’ ‘I’m not mummy I’m a big boy now.’

Park Fun
Park Fun

Telling Me About His Day 

We’re at the stage now that he will tell me about his day. Sometimes it can be like drawing blood from a stone, but other times he’ll launch into full on stories about his day. I love it.

They are getting more and more reliable too. We went through a stage of very elaborate but completely made up tales, which I had to fact check with nursery. Now however, if he tells me something has happened, it invariably has. For example, I know he went for a walk the other day with his friends. I know whose hand he held. Which grown ups were there and that he stamped on the icy puddles to break them.

What little things have your little ones been chatting about?

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  1. Oh how funny – he sounds just like my little boy – he’s started using nonsense words now and making them rhyme to make us laugh. I just love listening to him! Thanks for joining us #fortheloveofBLOG
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