This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Growing Up (Again)

This plus that equals…. growing up (again)

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about my boy getting all grown up. I wrote about it earlier in the year, but he just won’t stop and starting school has lead to some noticeable changes!

Writing his name



I’ve never been one to push learning to read, write or count at home.

We’ve played and asked question and let things happen naturally. In my mind his teachers are there to help with these things, whilst I am there to teach him to be a good human.

So in one half term to see him learning his phonics so well, sounding out words and being able to write his name is just mind blowing.

He’s still his normal inquisitive self and questioning the world around him, I’ve had to learn a lot about King Arthur, my science needs some brushing up on too, school is hopefully going to be a great place for him.

Feeling Calm
Off to the park with friends after school, life is good


I mentioned last time I wrote about him growing up how nice it was to see him with a group of friends his own age at nursery, I was worried how he would cope not going to school with any of them.

Well I’m pleased to say he has made friends, several as it happens. And we still see a couple of friends from nursery.

He’s got a lovely little group of kids in his class that he plays with and even some of the older children as I discovered when one bought him a birthday card!

He still prefers adults, I think he will for some time yet, but he has done so well at school, I couldn’t be prouder.

Feeling Calm
Just helping me out 


Now he’s five, he is a grown up. Obviously.

He likes to put his dirty plates in the dishwasher, he’ll help me with the laundry and put his own folded clothes away. He loves helping put the shopping away when the Tesco van comes, even if he uses a giant tipper truck to help, he is generally a helpful little soul.

He’ll help carry things when we are out and one his most useful new jobs is unlocking the house for me when we get home, so I can take in armfulls of shopping, coats, toys and general rubbish from the car.

He was so proud that he got to be the child of the day at school as it meant he got to help with the register and ringing the bell at the end of break.

He’s so desperate to be grown up but at least this is a very useful side effect of that.


Feisty Pets
Scary faces from a brave boy



I was so worried about him starting school as he would never leave my side and still hated being dropped off at nursery.

Other than a few tears the first morning, a panic about eating at school and some tears at the end of the half term he’s been fine. More than fine actually. Watching im go into school and hang his coat up and pop his bag away is like watching a different child. He still likes a hug and a kiss before he walks in but that is the only hint of the worried little child from before that I see.

It’s not just school though, all of a sudden he is now climbing to the top of play equipment he wouldn’t have considered before. Balancing on walls without demanding help he doesn’t need.  Jumping off things he would have once been to scared to get on. And it happened, just like that, overnight it seems.

Feeling Calm
Lovely lad


He just talks and talks and sometimes it is so grown up.

Explaining things to me in a way that he couldn’t before, in ways that make perfect sense. Holding his own in adult conversations.

He trotted into school the other day and started a chat about the weather, it’s like he’s 50 not 5!

Watching him with younger children is sweet as well, he takes the lead and tries to help and guide. We went out with some of husb’s friends the other day and he was telling their little boy what to expect in an animal show, letting him know things wouldn’t be scary and when funny bits were about to happen. He also told him off for being noisy which was amusing.

Mainly though he will just chat to me for ages and about anything and I love that we can have these lovely little talks.

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