This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Growing Up

This plus that equals…. growing up

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about my boy getting all grown up. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up, I really can’t.

Chesters Roman Fort & Museum
Exploring a Roman Fort and asking ALL the questions

Developing interests

There was a time when unless it had wheels, was a dinosaur or could be eaten he wasn’t interested.

Now he’d interested in everything and it’s beautiful to see.

His questions about volcanoes, the Romans, King Arthur and the Knights if the Round Table, they blow my mind. He gets it and is genuinely interested.

Space is a big one at the moment and we pick books at the library to learn all about it.

Not only can I practically see his mind expanding I’m learning too. Either refreshing my memory or gaining completely new knowledge.

Herbert Woods Holiday 2018
On our holiday boat keeping an eye out for his best girls to arrive


I’ve always been slightly concerned that L didn’t have any close friends his age.

He’s always been better with adult company than with other kids but that’s starting to change.

He’s got his bestie and I get on really well his mum which is perfect. He’s also got a little gang of kids which had steadily grown this last year and really bonded. Sadly he won’t be going to school with any of them but at least he’s learnt how to make friends.

His relationships with the grown ups in his life is a pleasure to watch as well. If he’s hanging with grandparents or having lunch with his best girls, my work chums his little personality shines.

I'm not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam
Very useful!


OK he has to be in the mood to help but he’s getting so good at it.

He helps me cook, enjoys dusting and is so good at laundry.

Gardening is his favourite though, we spend ages in the garden and he really likes it when he’s helping. Weeding is ok but he’s in his element if we’re pruning something and he can load his tractor and take things to the bin for me.

He’s getting better at tidying up after himself, though that can still be a battlefield. He’s just a kid after all.

Feeling Calm
Cuddles with his besties


My word he’s an affectionate little mite.

He’s full of cuddles and kisses. He loves a snuggle and to tell me he loves me.

I think we’re both at our happiest just out walking and holding hands.

When went to the Spring Fling together and I was starting to wonder if it was even worth it, he looked up at me with his big eyes and just said ‘Mummy I love you, fanks for my best day’. Heart melted.

The affection isn’t saved just for me, as we were leaving the East Anglian Game and Country Fair I asked if he’d had a good time, he said yes but ‘the only thing that made me a bit sad was Daddy didn’t come, he’d have enjoyed it’. So cute.

Silent Sunday
Major eye roll


The more he grows up the more he becomes filled with sass.

An eye roll here and cheeky comment there. The kid is so cheeky is unreal, the trouble is it tends to be really funny and I struggle to keep a straight face.

He’s learnt to bargain and will happily send me to the naughty chair of he deems it fit. He gets annoyed when he realises that only works one way though.

He remembers everything as well, so when a nice chap at the train station gave him a creme egg, and I hid the neat sugar syrup and chocolate parent trap, he noticed and continued to ask for it four days. Four!

I know I’m in for trouble with this one.

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  1. Ah, this is such a lovely post and really does celebrate the little things you love about your growing boy. I love that he fills his tractor in the garden and makes you sit on the naughty step! My LB is almost 5 and such a lot of what you said is so familiar. As he approaches the end of his first school year in reception, I wish time would just slow down a little bit…

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