This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Little Treats

This plus that equals…. Little Treats

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about some of the little treats I have recently got myself. As you all know I’m trying really hard to look after myself, so here’s what I’ve been doing.

Diary Cover 

So I was having a little internet browse, as you do, and decided to see if the 2018/19 Lifebook from Boxclever Press has been released yet. I don’t need to replace mine yet, it runs to the end of the year but I was just being nosey.

The I saw that they made covers for them. A cover I did not own. So I remedied it.

The Lifebook is the best diary I have ever owned, so it deserved a Mustard Yellow cover. A cover with pockets, card slots and coin pocket. A cover that zips closed to keep my diary pristine. It is seriously gorgeous and I LOVE it.

Feeling Calm

Gin Subscription

I reviewed a Craft Gin Club subscription box last year and was blown away. I loved getting to try a different gin I most likely wouldn’t pick for myself. I loved all the little treats. I also thought it was great value for money.

So after much thought I decided to treat myself.

I have opted for a delivery every other month and I look forward to delivery day like it’s Christmas. At £40 a box every other month is more than affordable and it puts such a smile on my face.

JD Williams

New Clothes

I haven’t got many. Just a few bits and bobs to refresh my wardrobe and make sure I’m holiday ready.

I’m a bugger for not buying clothes and will literally wear the oldest, worst fitting, threadbare old things. It’s silly really.

So when I saw a few bits I loved reduced in F&F when I was shopping I grabbed them. A couple of loose fitting shirts, one floral and one with hearts. A T-Shirt with hearts that was only £2.50, bargain!! Plus a pair of shorts which whilst I’m not sure I love them, will be handy for the summer.

I feel so much better wearing clothes I feel good in. It’s worth the spend.

7th Heaven

Face Masks

A simple little treat. Five minutes sat still with a delicious smelling face mask and I feel like I’ve had a rest.

I also grabbed some nose pore strips, I love those things. It’s gross and satisfying all at the same time. I know it’s an odd thing to find enjoyable but I really do.

I need to find me some of that black mask stuff that clears the pores on your whole face, I reckon I’d love that.

Feeling Calm


I had a few quid on my Quidco account to claim back, so got it in Google Play credit. Instead on spending it on movie rentals for husb or a kids movie for L I treated myself to some music.

I bought the latest Fall Out Boy album as we’re seeing them at the end of the month and the Foo Fighters album ready for when we see them this summer.

I never used to bat an eyelid at getting a new CD or a new top but for the last few years I have seriously struggled at spending money on myself. Not because we don’t have it, but because I had placed myself at the bottom of the pile. Well not any more!!

Have you treated yourself to anything recently?

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12 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Little Treats”

  1. I have just brought a couple of pieces of clothing and really can lift your mood. Also once a week is of ask mask nd it is lovely to spend that little bit of time on yourself X #stayclassymama

  2. Any excuse for shopping always gets a thumbs up from me and this list of things is just right.#stayclassymama

    Soffy //

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