This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. May Half Term

This plus that equals…. May Half Term

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about our plans for the May half term. I can’t quite believe that we’re at the halfway mark of the Summer term and that he has nearly completed his first year at school.

Feeling Calm
L always has fun with Daddy whilst I am working


I very rarely get to work extra hours, between the school run and trying to maintain the child’s hectic social life I just can’t.

Bank holidays are the only exception to that rule as my husband, not working in retail, gets them off. So I don’t have to worry about childcare, never have to book holiday days to cover then and can actually work a full day. So I do and I will.

It’s only a little extra money but mainly it means one of my colleagues will get to have the day off and enjoy the Bank Holiday fun, as everyone is always so flexible to help me out and work around my hours, it’s nice to be able to help out when I can.

Feeling Calm
Always excited to see his friend

Time with friends

L’s best friend doesn’t actually go to his school, so the school holidays mean a full day of play!

We often pop over after school, but that never gives them long enough and they are always so tired after school, so we like to try and have a fun day over the break.

L is already counting down the days and planning on the carnage the two of them will cause, it’s lovely to watch and it also means I get to see my friend and have a chat and very likely a slice of cake.

Easter Holidays
Family time

Family time

Husb has booked a few days off at the end of the break, so we’ll be able to spend a bit of time together all three of us.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to use my annual leave to cover nearly all of the school holidays and that means that when husb books time off we can actually use it for doing fun things.

I’m not sure what we’ll do but at least one day trip is on the books, somewhere for the three of us to explore and enjoy together.

During the term time it feels as though we are ships that pass in the night, so it’s always nice to actually have some time to breath and enjoy each other’s company when school’s out.

House Sign
It’s going to be chaos soon

Extension preparations

We should be starting building work at the end of June, so the May half term is the last lot of booked time off I have before it all starts.

That means it’s the last chance I have to get a few bits organised, to make sure things are packed away and to enjoy a dust free, noise free, building free home.

I’m really stressed about the thought of all the chaos, but I’m excited for the finished extension and the space it will provide us.

I’m really hoping we have some good weather so L can enjoy playing in the garden whilst I get some of these boring but essential bits sorted out, otherwise there will be a couple of dull days for us both.

Boat on a pebble beach
Sheringham beach is beautiful

Beach time

It’s the only thing I really want to do, just one day at the beach and doing it properly.

Arcades, chips, ice cream, splashing in the sea, building sandcastles and walking.

I’m not fussed which beach we go to, which is good as we have a lot to choose from, but it’s one thing both L and I love to do and I haven’t been for ages. I love a bit of beach time, the fresh sea air and the easy fun with L.

Basically, even if I don’t manage to anything else, I’ll be happy so long as I;ve been to the beach.

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