This Plus That Equals... My Birthday

This plus That Equals…. My Birthday

This plus that equals…. my birthday

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. It was my birthday on Friday, not a big birthday, nothing important. Certainly never something I’d usually write about but this year I had a lot of fun, real fun. So I want to thank everyone. 

Birthday Cuddles
Birthday Cuddles

A great start 

I was woken early, nothing new there. But this year L was completely aware it was my birthday and hopped up on the bed to give me a birthday hug and kiss, before demanding present opening time.

He systematically opened each and every one of my gifts, with each one telling me it would be a toy and casting it aside when he realised it wasn’t. Apart form one box of sweets that he subtly popped behind his back.

I didn’t mind this though, not at all. It was fun to watch and a joy to be part of, really bringing some of that birthday excitement and magic back.

Olverum Bath Oil
My favourite bath treat – Olverum Bath Oil

A bath

After I dropped L off at nursery I went home and ran a very hot bath.  So hot it turned my skin pink. The only real way to have a bath, all those luke warm child friendly ones just don’t cut it.

There were no toys, no interruptions, most importantly no small people joining me.

I lounged, used my favourite bath oil, had a face mask, wallowed in that way I took for-granted pre child. It was bliss.

We got a lot of shopping done
We got a lot of shopping done – Image Credit Go Daddy

Shopping and lunch

I got to spend the vast majority of my day shopping with an amazing friend of mine.

She helped me spend my Christmas and Birthday vouchers. Persuaded me to treat myself and helped me make all the important decisions, like which size Cath Kidston bath set to buy. The biggest, obviously.

We had a real giggle and I really just had the best day. She also treated me to lunch, a lunch that allowed me to catch up with another friend as well. I was very, very spoilt.

A lovely lunch
A lovely lunch – Image Credit Go Daddy


I was surprised at work with a bottle of gin. Surprised at home with all my thoughtful gifts. Surprised with messages from people I hadn’t chatted to in ages.

I was in general just surprised. Not only with how much I was spoilt and how many kind and thoughtful gifts I was given, but also with how much I enjoyed myself. I hadn’t enjoyed a birthday that much in years.

Coming so soon after Christmas and New Year my birthday has never been anything to shout about, to be fair I’ve never been bothered with it full stop. This year, however, I just had a great day and really celebrated. It was lovely.

Our attempt at a family picture
A family day still to come

A day out still to come

Excitingly it’s not all over yet. I’ve still got  family day out to enjoy. My boys got me Pizza Express vouchers, alongside wine chocolate and DVDs. This was done with a promise of a day out, just the three of us.

So tomorrow after L’s swimming lesson we will be heading out for a family trip to Bury St Edmunds. We’ll enjoy a lovely walk around the grounds of the Abbey, have pizza for lunch and just enjoy each other’s company. Yey.

Do you still celebrate your birthday? I was all for giving up until this year, but now I think I might have to make a bigger deal out of it.

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8 thoughts on “This plus That Equals…. My Birthday”

  1. I agree with you on the bath, it has to be really hot. It is lovely that you got so spoiled and had a lovely day. I never do much for my birthday, hubby and I may go out for a meal but that is about it.

    1. A toddler temperature bath is just disappointing and the toys get in the way! Getting everyone out of the house just to have Proper bath may have been extreme but it was worth it

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely time you seem to have had! hope you enjoyed your pizza lunch too! I used to love my birthday…but it’s been a bit of an non event the last few years! I think I need to change that this year! #fortheloveofBLOG x

    1. I think that’s what had happened with me Emma, is just let my birthday slip. All it took this year was a quick text to a friend to see if she was free and all of a sudden I had actual plans on my actual birthday and it was the best!

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