This Plus That Equals... Ridiculous Things I Have Lost

This Plus That Equals…. Ridiculous Things I Have Lost

This plus that equals…. ridiculous things that I have lost  (that I never would have done before having children)

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the many ways in which I have become slightly crazier since having had L and all of the ridiculous things I have lost. I’m not even including my sanity, that’s long gone.

Tent Selfie!
Tent Selfie! Yes I’m chilling in my son’s play tent. All sanity is lost

Phone Cables and Chargers

Because I use my phone on the go I tend to drain the battery so I always have a power pack and cable. Pre child I would have known where this was at all times, the options would have been: Bedside table, handbag, car. Post child I’m regularly hunting for them. Was it in the big day bag, small day bag, the random shopping bag I grabbed in a rush. Are they in the car. Has L hidden them. Who knows.

I often feel like I live in a mad house
I often feel like I live in a mad house, cat in the car and ear defenders on the child as a barely audible plane was too noisy

Track of the Days

Before L I would once in a blue moon think it was a Friday when it was in fact a Thursday. The disappointment would be bitter, but short lived. Now I have no freaking idea what day of the week it is ever. If an appointment doesn’t get put in my phone with an alarm, in my paper diary and on my to do list chances are I won’t turn up because I will think it’s tomorrow. I was on a business call earlier today, I was asked if it was Monday today, I faltered and had to check the calendar on my laptop. How can I not know it’s Monday.

Stuck in the car with a sleeping child
Stuck in the car with a sleeping child, is it any wonder I don’t know what day it is

Tops and jackets

I’ll go to a restaurant, play area, friends house wearing a jumper. I’ll take it off if I’m warm. Then more times than I would care to admit too it will be left. Forgotten. Lost forever more. (Or until I next see whichever friend I left my stuff with). I had literally never done this until after I had L. Now when I leave a place I go through a mental checklist of what I need to have with me. L, Gerry the Giraffe, any other toys he bought with him, his bag, nappies, his bag of random c$#p, purse, phone etc. There’s just too much of his stuff to remember to think about mine as well.

For a simple meal we need to bring so much stuff
For a simple meal we need to bring so much stuff, wipes for that face, spare clothes, toys, is it any wonder I forget things


I spent 6 months, 6 whole entire months, not knowing where Samson the train was. We have a small bungalow, two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room. We knew Samson hadn’t left the house but where the hell was he. Sofas had been pulled out, checked behind all the furniture, the house had been cleaned from top to bottom but there was no sign of that train. The randomly one day L was playing with him. Where Samson had been is still a mystery, how he got back is a mystery as well. This happens regularly. Like all the time. Where do the toys go?

Head in a bucket, why not
He can’t hide himself well, but his toys, well that’s another matter

My underwear

Oh yes. I have actually lost my underwear. Not because of some exciting little story between husb and I. No, no, no. But a swim lesson. Every Tuesday we go swimming. To save time I leave the house with my swimsuit under my clothes and with underwear in the swim bag. This was the same last Tuesday.

We went swimming, we finished swimming. The lesson had gone well. He’s getting a bit of a pro now. We went back to the changing room and my knickers were no where to be seen. Maybe they had fallen out of the bag in the locker. No. Maybe they had fallen out of the bag in the changing room we were getting ready in before the lesson. Nope, they weren’t to be seen there either. Clearly I’d be going commando back home.

Heading off swimming
Heading off swimming

L wanted a cake and drink afterwards, he’d wolfed down all his snacks and had been a good boy so off to the cafe we went. Me feeling awkward and self conscious the whole time. It was fine though, because clearly I would find the missing underwear in the car where it must has just slipped out of the bag. Nope, not there either.

When we got home I thought maybe I’d find the knickers on the bed, L had tipped the bag out before we left. But they weren’t there either. At this point I was a bit annoyed. You see they were brand new. I hadn’t even got one wear out of my pretty new knickers yet. Part of me was pleased though, at least if some random person was going to find my missing underwear it would be a good set, not a raggedy old pair from the back of the draw. But still, it was annoying.

Three days later I found them. Behind my bedside table. Clearly thrown there by the toddler. This saga is what prompted today’s theme as it happens.

This list doesn’t even cover the other major things I have lost, like sleep, spare time, sanity and any sense of control. What random things have you lost since having kids?

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  1. Oh yes, the days! I am so completely out of sync with the rest of the world I think it’s probably less funny and more a concern these days! #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. I almost lost it with the story about the train. Why is it that kids are able to find things that we spend hours or days trying to find? As for charging cables, we just stock up: 2 in the car, one by the sofa, one in the kitchen, and one by the bed. And those are just my chargers!
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