This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Rural Living

This plus that equals…. rural living

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about what it is like to live in a rural area. If I’m honest I’ve never felt like our home is in a particularly rural area, but it has come to light that in actual fact, it very much is.

Feeling Calm
OK, we were a bit stuck

Getting Snowed In

This was my first hint that in actual fact, where we live is pretty remote.

When the Beast from the East hit our village was entirely cut off. The drifts were so high, so high!! To head out towards Norwich a snow plough got stuck, so that was a no. To go towards Attleborough, the drifts were changing hourly and cars getting stuck on the hill. If I were to go out towards Wymondham, well those roads are untreated and the drifts again were awful, the road entirely blocked. Long Stratton was a no as well. More untreated roads, a steep hill that is single track anyway, became zero track thanks to the snow literally filling the gap the road made between the banks.

When I eventually got out of the village my car felt tiny and it was genuinely a bit scary being surrounded by that much snow.

Garden Fun
Child, well that’s normal wildlife. A deer, well that was a shock


We get lots of visiting wildlife. Again it’s never something that has struck me as odd. A woodpecker here and pheasant there. That is just fairly standard for Norfolk.

When our Blink Security Camera filmed a deer trotting through our front garden, well that really made me stop and think.

I mean I had seen herds of them whilst out walking and cycling, about 30 crossed the road in front of us once whilst I was out on a bike ride. But I had cycled out of the village, one in our actual garden. Well that’s new.

Feeling Calm
I love cycling


I am not one of those speedy cyclists who will go anywhere, at any speed, wearing lycra.

I only like to cycle on quiet roads, roads I can be slow on and not get in anyone’s way. L and I like to stop and have a picnic, find a playground or cycle until we find a combine harvester working in the fields. As I am also only a fair weather cyclist, this happens a lot.

So for years I’ve been cycling around our villages, being able to travel for miles without seeing a car, only tractors and dog walkers. Yet this hasn’t been hint enough for me that I live in a rural area.

For some reason I thought having a Chinese Takeaway and a Hairdressers made us less rural, in fact, it does not. We are still surrounded by trees and beautiful countryside. I can get lost and find new places, all in absolute peace and quiet.

Feeling Calm
Just driving a combine, as you do


L’s love of tractors is easily fed living in the countryside.

Every now and then one will park up in the neighbours drive. Yes, yes, I know that this again should have made me realise it is in fact really rural where we are.

We are surrounded on pretty much all sides by farms. Open Farm Sunday leaves us spoilt for choice, though we have our favourite that we visit each year.

Literally not a day goes by that we don’t see a tractor or ten! L is fully versed in all farm machinery and heavens above if I refer to a front loader or a bailer incorrectly.

On the bus
We usually have to drive to get on the bus!

The negatives

We’re on oil, not mains gas. Boy do I miss cooking on gas.

It is almost impossible to overtake on our roads, so if you get caught behind someone you will be late.

Public transport is an actual joke. There is one bus to Wymondham a day, it leaves in the morning and returns in the afternoon. It is slightly better getting to Norwich. Three buses in the morning, three returns in the evening and by evening I mean last bus is 6pm, so if you need it for work you better be on 9-5.

Taxis are expensive as they literally charge you for both of their journeys, not just the time you are travelling.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. Until it snowed I never really felt that rural or cut off, it just made me think about it. I live in a beautiful area. It’s quiet and safe. There is a school on my doorstep and my neighbours are lovely. I’m i the city centre in 30 minutes and it’s only 20 minutes to work. But yes, where I live, is in fact, properly rural. It just took me a while to work that out!

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21 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Rural Living”

  1. A deer? That’s so cool. I love being that remote when I’m on holiday but I’m not sure I would be able to live everyday so far from a big city! I know, I know I’m such a city girl cliché. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  2. It sounds like a lovely place to raise children! I like the thought of living somewhere quiet but do still like having easy access to a town centre. Thanks for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I really don’t have to worry about L. I can open the door and shove him in the garden and everyone is happy. I love our location, is the best of both worlds

  3. I love this post! I moved from a big town to a tiny village (also in Norfolk) and it felt like a huge culture shock, particularly having to drive to get anywhere whereas before I was a 10 minute walk from a choice of supermarkets and shops. Thanks for linking up #TwinklyTuesday x
    Confessions of a New Mummy recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

    1. I’m only 20 minutes from our nearest city, Norwich, which is why I had never considered myself rural. But I love it. We’re lucky to have all the benefits of rural living and still being close to a city

  4. We are pretty rural, we live next to a farm and have the joys of no mains sewers too as well as oil… love it most of the time but your right taxis are expensive i have to drive to a bus stop!!! but i love it #stayclassymama

    1. Driving to a bus stop pretty much defies the point of buses 😂😂
      My nan got the bus from the neighbouring village to see us, there wasn’t one back until the next day! Crazy.

  5. Aw I love living in the countryside. Although sometimes it can get frustrating when you just want to ‘nip’ to get something from the shops and you have to make a proper trek out of the village to get anything! #twinklytuesday

    1. I wouldn’t change living in the countryside for anything. I guess until recently though, I just didn’t class myself as rural!! I really, really should though

  6. That snowed in does look lovely to me (we don’t get snow). That taxi thing seems to be the norm in some places. We had a big argument with a taxi driver in an outskirt suburb of Turin, only to learn that actually was the rule…ha! #TwinklyTuesday

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