This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. School Gates

This plus that equals…. school gates

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the things I have discovered now I’m at the school gates twice a day.

Feeling Calm
First day!!

I’m so lucky

I had heard horror stories, such horror stories. Cliques, bitchiness and general unpleasantness seemed to reign supreme.

My mum friend, whose boy goes to a different school, is living that horror, almost reduced to tears routinely by the nastiness she is met with.

Then on L’s taster sessions at the end of the summer term, everyone seemed to know each other and have someone to talk to, bar me.

But from the very first morning I have found a group of parents who are warm, friendly and a pleasure to be with. I’ve found a lovely little group I can talk to and get on well with and several more who I can happily chat to. It’s mainly mums, with a sprinkling of dads and grandparents, everyone is included and no one is left out. At least not that I have noticed.

I am so lucky!

Feeling Calm
A lovely welcome home from school. Friendships

I have made friends. Actual friends. Anxious and generally anti social little old me has made friends.

We’ve been to lunch, had a night out, met for coffee. I’ve had people over for a cuppa and seem to manage to chat to them all at work, my not so obvious social hub!!

Something that, if I’m honest, started to benefit L, has been brilliant for me and I’m so happy. I wanted him to make friends, so therefore I had to make friends. Or, at least, be friendly. That action has resulted in a little group of new friends who get it, the whole school thing, because they are living it too.

Feeling Calm
A little walk before school

Back up

Missing forms, events, things to be bought in, a million different things to remember and that’s just not always possible. But I’ve always got back up, someone else who knows the answer and someone else who has forgotten just like me.

It’s not just those simple things though, I had been feeling frustrated about the poor communication from the school. Turns out I am not alone. It’s nice to know that others feel the same way and I’m not being a bit precious about my first born!

There is always an extra pair of hands there when you need it as well. If you are physically juggling too many bags. If you are being outnumbered by your kids. If you need a hand with drop offs or pick ups. I have found a group always willing to help and never with any judgement.

Silent Sunday
Walking in the rain

You win some, you lose some

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it, a little too good to be true.

Well thus far my experience has been amazing, that’s not to say everyone is brilliant. There are certainly some parents living up to the school gate stereotypes.

I have come across some highly interesting people, people who are just not my kind of people. But like I say, you win some, you lose some.

I was never going to get on with everyone and not everyone was going to be lovely, but for however irritating some people may be I have landed on my feet with others. The good outweighs the bad and for that I am lucky.

Feeling Calm
A little walk through the fields after school


The school run has given me the most wonderful routine.

It’s busy and hard and stressful but it is a really nice routine and I found I really missed it over half term.

We get up and sort out breakfasts, getting dressed and the usual morning stuff. I pop a load of laundry on first thing and that’s finished by the time we are ready to leave, so I pop it in the tumble dryer before we head off to school on L’s bike with me trotting behind

Most mornings we have time to fit in a little walk, either down the road to the pub or along the path to the fields. Never more than an additional five minutes, but it’s just nice.

After I’ve got him into school I head home and sort nother quick bit of housework. Deal with another load of laundry, clean the bathroom or kitchen surfaces, empty the bins, something quick and easy like that. Then it’s off to work for me.

After work I have twenty minutes or so to get another bit of housework sorted, before heading back to the school gates. Another quick little walk and we are home. It’s not an exciting routine, but it works and allows me to keep on top of everything. It is our routine.

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    1. I am so lucky with the other school mums, I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a lovely bunch. I’m sorry you haven’t fared so well, my friend is having an awful time as well, I don’t understand how some people can get through life being so dreadful to others. Hugs to you. xx

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