This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. the Spree Book

This plus that equals…. the Spree Book

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about why we always buy a Spree Book, what it is, how we use and why we love it.

Feeling Calm
Having fun at Merrivale

What is a Spree Book

A Spree Book is a handbag sized book of offers and vouchers that you can use on food, days out and services. It is a fun filled, money saving, summer holiday saving gem.

If you live in or near to any of the following cities you could benefit from a Spree Book. Norwich, Aberdeen, Fife, Liverpool, Plymouth or Tayside. I obviously buy the Norwich book and it covers a good chunk of Norfolk with a couple of National deals as well.

A full price Spree book costs £20 plus P&P unless you buy direct from a group or organisation that sells them.

Feeling Calm

Letting the book choose where we go

I often write about mine and L’s Tuesday adventures. Mostly I have an idea about where we’d like to go, but sometimes I really do not. On those days I can flick through the Spree Book, see where I can visit for half price or get a free kids meal and we’ll go for it.

We would have never visited Merrivale Model Village if not for the Spree Voucher, now we love it.

We’ve had entire Spree Days out. Maybe a trip to Sealife followed by a meal at Harry Ramsdens in Great Yarmouth.  I once went Ice Skating with husb purely because it was in the Spree book (this was a few years ago now and I wouldn’t repeat the experience) then we went to the cinema and had a lovely meal, all using Spree Vouchers.

I find it especially helpful when choosing where to eat, I will literally go the place that I have a valid voucher for!

Waving Train Bressingham
Waving to everyone from the trains at Bressingham

Favourite days out

We have found some of our favourite days out thanks to the Spree Book. I’ve already mentioned Merrivale Model Village, we’d walked past it on several occasions, but it looks a bit naff from the outside, but because we could visit cheaply we went on a whim one day. Now we love it.

The Spree Book is the only reason we ever visit a Sealife Centre, it’s too expensive without, despite it being a family fave, we just can’t afford it at full price.

The same goes for Bressingham Steam Gardens, we love it there but if I didn’t have a buy one get one free entry Spree voucher we wouldn’t visit. It’s too expensive.

First Cinema Trip
Cinema Trip

Saving money

I obviously buy a Spree Book to save us money, it’s the whole point.

I can make back my £20 investment in one day out. Even though I never come close to using all the vouchers I always save more, substantially more than I have spent on it.

But it’s not just planned days out where it saves us money. It can be things I was going to do anyway, like treat L to a muffin whilst we are shopping in Norwich. I’d do that anyway but if I can two muffins for the price of one all the better.

There are also things like car service offers, shopping vouchers (save £5 when you spend £20 etc) and offers with hairdressers. Everyday things that I have to do but I can save a bit of money for. Locally as well.

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14 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. the Spree Book”

    1. It actually allows us to have fun days out without worrying, there are even simple things like soft play and bowling in their so we can go out with his friends and share the bargain

  1. We have a similar thing here. One year I saved over $1400 (we got hundreds off our usual hotel for a holiday). I didn’t get it this year as last year we literally didn’t use it – I thought the teen would but they seem voucher adverse…? But when the kids were little we got a lot of great value out of it. #Stayclassymama

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