This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

This plus that equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Husb and I aren’t all that romantic, never have been, never will be. I still like Valentine’s Day though, but for me it’s about far more than just couples. It’s about love and sharing the love. So to have a bit of fun with L we had a Valentine’s Day Party.

Valentine's Day Party

Get some fun food and drink

Pink and white marshmallows. Strawberries. A bit of cake. Definitely chocolate.

That’s what Valentine’s Day is about, well it is for us!! Obviously there were sandwiches as well and being ever versatile they were cut into hearts using cookie cutters.

Drinks can be a bit harder, at least for L. I like to treat him to something, but not a fizzy drink. So when I found an Apple and Raspberry drink, with hints of Rose in Co-op I was delighted. All the right flavours, not ridiculously bad for him and in a glass bottle so he felt really grown up. Plus it was delicious!Valentine's Day Party

All the party tableware

I got the Emoji Love Party Pack from Personalised Parties.

It’s a great kit with everything we needed to make it a real party and make sure I had no washing up!! I love the gift boxes, they are big enough for a slice of cake, leftovers and gifts if you are having a proper party with guests (not just entertaining a four year old for kicks).

You get matching plates, cups, hats, cake toppers, masks and gift boxes. The plates, cake toppers and gift boxes are personalised with your name. Valentine's Day Party

I found making up the hats a bit awkward and was surprised to have to pop the decorated sleeves round the cups myself, but everything else was a breeze and I loved that it was flat packed so didn’t take up space until I needed to use everything.

For us this was just for a bit of fun but I was really impressed with the quality and can’t wait to try them out for a proper party. With so many kits to choose from there will be the perfect party pack for whatever L likes come his birthday. Valentine's Day Party

Have fun


Daft hats and silly masks. Balloons. Cake. All the things kids love.

It’s a holiday to celebrate love, so show by doing the things they love.

I’ve 100% confused L by celebrating early, it’s one of the oddities of blogging that I’m always celebrating things in advance, but we’ve spoken a bit about what the celebration is about and why people celebrate it.

He has gone to the shops and chosen a singing bumble bee for his daddy because he thought it was cute, and kept it for himself.

I want to keep this fun for him for as long as I possibly can, before teenage angst and general growing up stops the fun. Valentine's Day Party

Party Games

Well we didn’t have party games, there were two of us!! But we did do some Valentine’s crafts which is always fun.

Two well placed, red ink, thumbprints make great hearts. It also doesn’t have to get too messy if you use an ink pad instead of paint.

We popped our prints onto everything, covering sheets and sheets of paper. Some I’ll use as wrapping paper, other bits I’ll cut up and pop onto card gift tags. Of course there will be actual cards too.

It was just something fun and easy to do together that was part of the theme. Sadly due to me being covered in ink there are no pictures!Valentine's Day Party

A little explanation

I’ll be honest. I didn’t go into much detail with L about what it was all about.

I said we were having a party for Valentine’s Day as I had some cool things to use. He was happy with that.

I then explained that Valentine’s Day is a special day to think about all the people we love and do something nice for them, so we have cards and gifts and lots of hearts and cuddles. It’s a day when we really think about being kind and thoughtful. To be fair, I think it’s all he needs to know. Valentine's Day Party

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12 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. A Valentine’s Day Party”

  1. This sounds like a fab thing to do and we are not a family who typically celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. Maybe I’ll treat my daughter tomorrow to some heart shaped food. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    1. We’re not either but he’s been asking a lot about this year as they’ve been doing lots of activities at nursery. This seemed like a fun way to celebrate

  2. That’s sweet. I tend to give the kids a chocolate heart but try to have a nice dinner with partner. Last year Meet the teacher was on so we just had oysters at home…#Stayclassymama

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