This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Walking

This plus that equals…. walking

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about walking. The most simple of things but something that brings me pure joy.

Silent Sunday


Walking is primarily a mode of transport. When I was younger I lived within walking distance of my work and my sixth form, I walked everywhere. There were also good bus links. This is why I didn’t learn to drive until I was in my mid twenties.

In recent years I’ve not been able to use walking as a mode of of transport. I live far to far away from work for it to be option, the bus isn’t even an option where we are, so it’s not like I could do half and half. My work has free car parking and although I ensure I park as far away as I can, I’m still in the car park.

Now, however, I get to walk L to and from school everyday. It’s not far, but I love it, a few moments of calm everyday. We often leave early to walk further and sometimes go for a walk after school. Getting that daily walk back is massive to me. Tintagel Castle

Mental Health

Walking does wonders for my mental wellbeing.

It gives me time to myself to organise my thoughts, a physical break from the house and the husband and the child, I can guarantee you it will be one of those things I need a break from!!

The act of walking, the rhythm, the monotony, the fresh air, it’s all very soothing to me. I actually have some walking meditations I like to practise, I prefer them to your classic seated practise.

There is the added benefit of the vitamin D, when it’s actually sunny and the endorphins from the exercise.



I get no joy out of the gym. I love to swim but don’t have the time. Yoga is great but I’m the living room and easily distracted.

Walking however, well walking is all I get. I can do it any time and any place. I genuinely enjoy it. I can do it without looking like a twat, which is one of the main reasons I don’t enjoy the gym.

Walking is easy on my knees which are a bit knackered, I can make it as easy or as hard as I want, it helps me be healthy in a way I’m happy with.

Broads Escapes


We love to explore. Castles, beaches, woodland, hills, gardens you name it we love it.

Our main days out and times to relax and have fun as a family involve walking. We walked the length and breadth of Norwich over the summer tracking down hares.

We walked until we were exhausted exploring Tintagel. We’ve put some serious miles in at the zoo. We found a little nature reserve whilst we walking one day.

Walking is one of the main things we do for fun.

Feeling Calm


I’m guessing this may not come a s a shock to you, but I enjoy walking. I enjoy it so much.

My perfect day would involve a long walk with my boys, a good pub lunch, walking a bit further and coming home to a large gin and tonic.

Every year my husband asks me the same thing, what would you like to do for your birthday, every year I ask to go to Southwold for a walk along the beach and to have lunch at The Lord Nelson. With a January birthday it’s always fresh, to say the least, but a good walk along the coast blows the cobwebs out and sorts those January  blues no problem.

This morning on the way into school L asked if we could for a walk in the fields when I pick him up and can’t tell you how happy that makes me, I’m looking forward to it already.

Finally, I’m linking up with #TwinklyTuesday, #Blogstravaganza and #StayClassyMama


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15 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Walking”

  1. Walking is one of my favourite activities and I go for a walk most days. I wish I could walk the kids to school but we just don’t live close enough. Thank you for sharing with #stayclassymama

    1. I’m going to have to make the most of it whilst he’s still at the school here and before he wants to walk by himself, I have a few years yet but I’m sure they’ll go in the blink an eye!

  2. I love walking and can’t believe that some people down my road (or even closer!) drive their kids to school. Yes it is miserable when it rains but then you get to warm up at home and appreciate being indoors even more. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    1. We live less than a five minute walk from school and I saw my neighbour drive there yesterday and then drive straight home. I got to see all of this as I walked there and back faster!! Baffled!

  3. I used to walk loads before I moved to Norfolk, there was no real need for me to drive but moving here was a different story. Its felt good to get out and walk more over the last few months with the dog. Like you, its relatively easy on my knees (all over really!). Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday xx

    1. It’s hard when you need to drive to get anywhere, but having such a cute little dog must be helping!! Still think I might come and borrow him one day 🙂

  4. I agree, I love walking. It’s free, relaxing and can be done anywhere. I love that we can go for a walk as a family too and we all enjoy it so much whilst spending quality time together and getting exercise and fresh air! Thank you for linking up to #Blogstravaganza 🙂

  5. I love walking, I can’t understand how people can drive every where. We are currently house hunting and it’s sad how some estates just weren’t built with walking in mind #blogstraveganza

  6. You speak so much sense in this post. I too love walking and am just back from a lovely one in the countryside and forest in glorious sunshine too with wonderful Autumn colours. I don’t do this often enough to be honest and although I get out most days don’t do long walks like today and always benefit so much particularly emotionally when I do. Great to get the children outdoors too and the dogs had a blast. Much more fun than a gym if you ask me! #TwinklyTuesday

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