This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. What’s in my Bag

This plus that equals…. what’s in my bag

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about what’s in my bag. I’ve actually managed to make the switch to an actual adult bag. Still a rucksack, but a nice one. I don’t miss those changing bag days at all!

Love Bomb Cushions
Can’t beat a massive keyring!

Purse and keys

Clearly these are essential. But you will always find my house keys and my purse.

OK sometimes not my purse as I can use Android Pay most places, but I do try to remember my purse just in case.

I also have the biggest key ring ever on my keys, it makes finding them in the depths of my bag easier.

Whats in my bag
What’s in my bag? Prevasore is!

Lip balm and hand cream

I get coldsores all the time. So I literally can’t be without lip balm as dry lips for me very often lead to a coldsore. I have hundreds of them so I’m not caught out. Bag, coat pocket, work jacket pocket, in the car, bedside table. You get the picture. At the moment I’m using Prevasore and I love it. It will heal even the driest, most chapped and cracked lips almost straight away and says it will help to prevent coldsores. Though I’m not sure how I could test this? Regardless I love this easy to apply cream and how quickly it works.

I always have hand cream on me too as I hate dry hands. I’ve got a beautiful floral one at the moment that makes me think of Spring every time I use it.


I love the skin care cream. Same ingredients as classic Sudocrem, just in different ratios.

Pain killers and Sudocrem

Painkillers are for me, Sudocrem is for us both.

I get dreadful sinus headaches, so I can’t risk not having painkillers with me. Ibuprofen, sinus relief tablets and a 4head stick for good measure.

I carry a little tube of Sudocrem Skin Care for us too. It works for so many things and is just a more ‘grown up version’ of the classic cream everyone knows and loves. A graze, a bump, a nettle sting, sunburn, heat rash. We still use it for the occasional sore bum too. We even use it on those completely imaginary ailments small children manage to get just when you need them to do something! The little tube means it’s handy and easy to carry around. We can use it and it’s super gentle. Plus those sudden breakouts are no match for the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream.  Winner all round.

Feeling Calm
So many reasons to carry spare clothes!!

Change of clothes and a snack

We’re not quite past the point that we can risk not bringing a change of clothes with us. So I always pop a spare outfit at the bottom of my bag. With the change in weather it gets used more for a change after an unexpected puddle session as it does the odd accident.

A snack is a must as well. Both for genuine hunger and bribery reasons. So you’ll always find some raisins and a drink in my bag if you find yourself in need of sustenance you can fight the child for them.

Varta Powerpack
Varta Powerpack

Battery pack 

Always, always, always have my battery pack on me. If it’s going to be a long day out I’ll sometimes have two!

I cannot be without my phone. What if there’s a picture to be taken. email to be checked or map to be searched!

I’m heavy on my phone so a battery pack is a must for me.

Finally, I’m linking up with #TwinklyTuesday, #Blogstravaganza, #StayClassyMama and #fortheloveofBLOG

Disclosure – I was sent samples of Prevasore and Sudocrem but was not expected nor asked to feature them. They have just made their way into my bag and I love them.



Bringing up Georgia

14 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. What’s in my Bag”

    1. My friends little girl is a lot older than L and I remember when she was about 6 and went down a slide that was covered in wet mud and needed an entire change of clothes, top to bottom! It stuck with me so I try and stay prepared now.

  1. The amount of times we’ve told ourselves we ought to have remembered to pack a spare pair of clothes and haven’t aaargh! #Blogstravaganza

    1. I always have a spare set on me, you never know when he’s going to leap in a puddle or fall over in the mud! But it’s dreadful on the occasions I’ve forgotten to replace an item we’ve used and it’s always something vital!

  2. Love this. I got slated by a stranger the other day for not having handcream in my bag – I even wrote a whole post about “Am I Even A Woman Anymore.” lol
    Best day ever was the day I ditched the baby bag!

    1. Wow i can’t believe someone commented on it! Super cheeky. Though someone one mocked me for having one of those little sewing kits in my locker at work, soon had their take between they’re legs when they split their trousers though!

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