This Plus That Equals...

This Plus That Equals…. Why I Want a Dog

This plus that equals…. Why I Want a Dog

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about why I want a dog, I doubt I shall be getting one as my husband is 100% against it, but I can dream.

Silent SundayWalking

I love to walk and try to fit in a walk everyday, not just the school run walks but an evening walk by myself.

I would love to have a dog to walk, I would just love it. I also think it would get me out more as I would have a reason to go and there would be no excuse if it was raining to skip it.

Plus, I wouldn’t feel like quite such an idiot walking with a dog as I do by myself, I know I shouldn’t feel silly going for a walk but I do feel a bit self conscious about it.

Feeling Calm


No two ways about it, now L is at school I am lonely. I have a lot of extra love and attention to dole out and I think a dog would be a very willing recipient.

It would be nice to have a little dog to great me when I get home, something to spend time with and another presence in the house.

Now I know we have James the cat, but he is somewhat aloof, he mainly only loves the child so will be found on his bed 90% of the time. Unless he is hungry, in which case he’ll come see me. Daisy dog


Growing up I have always had dogs and I’ll be honest I’ve missed that.

I have such amazing memories of me and my dog Daisy, sorry our dog. She would sleep in my sleeping bag when e went camping, was my escape when I needed as she was always willing to go for a walk, she had a really irritating squeaky crocodile toy that she loved.

She would hide in cupboards during thunderstorms, until she got hit by a car and went deaf, then she fine. She was very protective of me and I trusted her judgement. She would pull me round on my rollerblades, that was always fun.

I would love for L to have the chance to make those same memories.

Feeling Calm


Timing wise it seems perfect.

I now only work for four hours a day, so I would never have to worry about a dog being left at home for too long.

With L at school I would have time to train a dog and make sure it settled well. School also means guaranteed morning and afternoon walks.

I can just see it all being possible at the moment, I can see it working. Silent Sunday

I have wanted a dog for sooooo long

I guess that’s my main reason. I have wanted to get a dog for years.

Specifically a French Bulldog, Black and White Pied named Colin. They are so cute, really adorable. They are a lovely size, we have a small house, a small dog is sensible. They don’t have to be walked but enjoy it when they do get walked.

I have honestly been asking about this for so long I have now plain given up. The plan was always that I would get a dog when L started school, but guess what, he’s a school and I am dogless.

In fact that’s probably why I have written this, it’s been playing on my mind.

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12 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Why I Want a Dog”

  1. Get the dog! It’s time! Your life will completely change. It will be an adventure and you will love every minute of it. There will be cuddles and belly rubs and wet kisses and puppy eyes staring at you waiting for loads of love. Lots of laughs and sillyness and quiet moments when your dog is just there and everything just feels ok. It’s time! 🙂
    Lorenza recently posted…Best Brush for Heavy Shedding Dog – Fluffy’s reviewsMy Profile

  2. Loving this post! I definitely feel more comfortable getting out and about walking Buddy rather than walking alone. One thing I genuinely didn’t think about though was just how much work it would involve but its worth it. Thanks for sharing and linking up #twinklytuesday x

    1. I just went for a walk and felt a right plonker walking until the path ran out and turning round, I feel like people will be wondering what I’m up to, whereas if I had a dog they would just know. Stupid I realise, but still it’s how I feel. I love seeing your pictures of little Buddy, I am so jealous!

  3. I have always been a cat person but I’m not sure we’ll ever get one. My husband brought his dog Ollie to our family and I love him to bits. He is very old now and has bad arthritis so we are expecting sadness in the near future. My kids want a puppy but Chris says ‘no’ as he is looking forward to a little less responsibility. I will be lonely and pets are great to have around. Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    1. I love my cat James, he is fabulous. I’m one of those odd people who is both a cat and dog person. Poor Ollie, I hope his arthritis doesn’t bother him too badly. It will be lonely when the time comes, I’m bit sad for you already!

    1. I’d have normally broken him down by now, after all I’ve bugging him for the last ten years and seriously bugging him for the last five!! But he is staying strong, damn him!

  4. If I wasn’t such a wimp about clearing up dog poo, I’d consider a dog too as I love animals. Instead I have 4 bunnies who rule the roost lol….and their poo isn’t so bad to clear up! #StayClassyMama

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