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Time Management Tips for Bloggers

Looking at the lives of successful people we find that they have done many things in their life that we cannot even dream of. The Sun never rises earlier and sets down later for them. They have the same 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. We also have the same time every day in our life, but can hardly do a part of what they have achieved.

We go to the office in time, and with the intention of doing many things. We try to work from home, around kids and chores. We have lives to lead, jobs to work and families to raise and yet we started a blog as well!

Everybody talks about time management. We never sit idle but still, we cannot finish our jobs in time, and everything seems to be wanted yesterday. So what we should do? Time management is the toughest part of the job.

Although sounds impossible, it is not so in reality. We are concerned about the way the things are, and the way the things should be. Our attitude and behaviors are based on these assumptions. There is an old saying that things that matter most must never be left at the mercy of things that matter least. Based on this, time management can be described as the process of organising and executing the priorities. This implies that, for managing time, we should manage ourselves. There are four ways of spending time, and we follow any one of these four ways.

Our activities can be divided into four segments

  • Important and urgent activities: Crises, pressing problems and deadline driven projects.
  • Important but not urgent: Prevention, planning, and building new opportunities
  • Not important but urgent: Mailing, reporting, and meetings
  • Not important and not urgent: Trivial activities and time wasters (hello checking Pinterest for the umpteenth time)

Do you effectively divide your tasks into these groups? I don’t!

Here are some tricks to help you out.

  1. Prioritising holds the key

Prioritising everything is essential, necessary, and vital to achieving success. Now that you know the four quadrants of activity categorise the jobs in these segments and prioritise those accordingly. It is better to do these in advance setting deadlines for completion of the jobs. This will ensure that those are done well in time for better results.

  1. Break the jobs down

As you prioritise the jobs, break those into manageable parts rather than looking as a whole. The task should be made specific, and there should not be any generalised statement. This will let you schedule days and weeks ahead.

To do lists

  1. Use weekly/daily planner

Using the conventional notepads is a simple and effective way to see everything at a glance. Jot down the details so that you can do the jobs in the timeslots allotted. If you feel bored with using notepads, you may also use task management software, or a pretty planner. I love mine, with daily, weekly and monthly sections to help me plan. Oh and stickers too.

  1. Stick to the plan

Once you have made a priority list, schedule the jobs accordingly. You should prepare a things-to-do list and make every effort to stick to the plan. In case you have to deviate from the schedule, which you will if you have kids, you need to re-consider the prioritisation. Assess the jobs again and make a fresh priority list.

We got a lot of shopping done

  1. Online shopping saves time

With the recent surge in online shopping, there is hardly anything that is not available on the internet. I reckon that by doing my grocery shopping online I save myself 2 hours a week, not to mention saving a bit of money because I’m not distracted by offers and definitely saving my sanity!

  1. Learn to delegate

There is no point in struggling with the workloads when there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Only perfectionists are afraid of delegating the jobs. Mind, everyone has his or her ways to do jobs, and as long as the goal is achieved, there is nothing wrong with it. I often feel like I’m failing if I ask for help, but honestly, that’s just silly. Of course I need help with the laundry or getting product images shot every now and then!

Blink Home Security

  1. Put your phone down

Your Smartphone must be flooded with notifications. We all know very well that it is difficult to resist checking a red dot with a number. So turn your phone off, leave it on charge in another room, silence it. Whatever works for you. Just stop looking at it.

  1. Find somewhere you can focus

Even office workers will agree, it can be better to work from home when you need to focus on something very serious, without distractions from co-workers you can get loads done.  But you need somewhere you can focus, a proper desk, a home office or a least a quiet corner of your own.

A boy with his hands out partially blocking his face

  1. You must say no sometimes

People are sure to come to you for help now and then. They will definitely be pitching you ideas and asking for you to feature things. Mind, you cannot please everyone every time, when fighting with the workload. You should be very clear about your priorities and must push them back. Do you really want that review? Can you afford to do someone a favour by running that article? Do you have time?

  1. Minimise maintenance requirements

If you’re lucky enough to have your own office space, you don’t want to spend loads of time maintaining it. Better introduce some no-maintenance material for revamping the office interiors. This will save time on repairing. When you do wall paneling of the office interior, those make the walls vibrant and build up an upgraded office ambiance.  By installing the Wall panels, you can let the paint chip inside without affecting the office decoration. Moreover, if there is any formation of cracks on the walls, those also remain masked by the custom wall panels.

You can get the 3D wall panels made of different materials and in a myriad of designs and colors to complement your decoration theme. These textured decorative panels are available modular form, and they form a beautiful pattern with illumination to make your space warm and welcoming.

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2 thoughts on “Time Management Tips for Bloggers”

  1. Just to add to the “say no sometimes”, I find this also involves friends and family from “popping round”.

    There’s seems to be this culture of thinking that if you work from home and on your own business you don’t actually have to work. I finally had to put my foot down and tell people I wouldn’t be answering the door during work hours. Think I may have upset some family a little but “just popping round for a coffee” really interrupts my work day. Once that was made clear my productivity went through the roof.

    Now if only I could turn my phone off as well.

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