Silent Sunday

To My Son on Your Fourth Birthday

Oh my word tomorrow is your birthday and you will be four years old and I literally don’t know where the time has gone. It honestly seems like 5 minutes ago I was writing something very similar for your third birthday and trying to cling to you being a toddler.

His new dinosaur
His new dinosaur on his third birthday

Well, you are certainly no toddler anymore. Not even close. You are a little boy. My little boy and you are amazing.

Beach fun with Peppa
Beach fun with Peppa

This year you have dealt with me going back to work and your Daddy changing jobs and being away from the house more. It’s been genuinely hard on you. You have handled it though and now you are so settled and confident in yourself it’s amazing to see.

Christmas Holiday Fun
Christmas Holiday Fun

You have cemented some solid friendships. Something I couldn’t have imagined happening last year. It is fabulous to watch you with your friends, even if they sometimes bring out the worst in you, they also bring out the best.

Cheers! Hot chocolate time

You’ve watched your first film at the cinema and I have to admit I love this milestone. Going to the cinema with you is awesome. I love having someone to share my Disney obsession with, someone who doesn’t roll his eyes!

Mummy and Son time
Mummy and Son time

We’ve travelled a bit this year, not far, but we’ve had some great adventures. Heading to Bluestone for Christmas and County Durham over the summer and countless day trips in between.

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

We’re almost ready to ditch those nappies which will be a major milestone for you. A hard fought one too.

#RailAdventure Somerleyton Hall
L exploring a pond at Somerleyton

You are still very kind and thoughtful. You hate when your friends are sad and are always so kind to me if I’m sad, even lending me your Giraffe Gerry. Gerry is still very much a permanent fixture. You are so funny, you make me laugh every single day. You certainly have a naughty streak, very naughty and you are so stubborn. Oh my god, you drive us crazy sometimes. Three was definitely worse than two when we think about tantrums.

Feeling Calm
Meeting the guys at Diggerland

I honestly can’t pick a favourite moment with you from this year. The day you announced your name was Rodge the Donkey was pretty cool. Curling up with you when you crawl into our bed at night has been lovely, you’ve done it more this year than ever before. Just watching you change and grow has, and always will be, my greatest pleasure.

Silent Sunday
Loving his Bridgestone gear

I’m going to stop writing now before I get too emotional!

Feeling Calm
Out scooting

I hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow. We’re at Chessington World of Adventures, so I’m pretty certain it will be epic. Have a wonderful day my little one.

Birthday Boy
Out on an adventure by train in August

I love you, so, so much.

Happy Birthday

Mummy x

Boy in the stocks
The cutest guilty kid I’ve ever seen

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