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Toasty Toes with the Sock Shop

We recently had a lovely delivery of socks from the Sock Shop and I have been impressed.

I have a bit of a weakness for socks, I’m always buying new ones. I love a fluffy sock, long socks, funny socks. So I’m always happy to get socks. Husb is starting a new job and goes through socks at a rate of knots so it was handy to get some for him. Mainly though I wanted to see if we could find anything for the child, socks are an ongoing and incredibly irritating battle. He is determined he cannot put them on by himself and is painfully fussy about what can be on them.

Sock Shop

I opted for bamboo socks, they are super soft, skin-friendly and have natural antibacterial properties that prevent odour. Sounds good.

When our package arrived I was very excited to find not only the stripey socks I’d picked for me and husb as well as the plain blue kids bamboo socks I’d chosen for L, but there were also some lobster socks and fish socks, the cuff of the sock is the fish mouth, amazing!!

Sock Shop

The socks are indeed super soft, a proper pleasure to wear. Our stripey socks also have a lovely cuff round the top that is nice and wide and doesn’t nip or leave you with marks after a long days wear, yet at no point have the socks slipped. Genius. I walked for miles today and they remained comfortable all day and my feet didn’t get too hot, nor are they cold now as I’m curled up in a freezing room typing this.

I loved that the novelty socks came in their own gift boxes and are still super soft and comfortable. There are so many novelty options, couple with the gift box, you would be able to find anyone the perfect little sock gift.

Sock Shop

The best bit was L’s little socks. They are nothing special. Just plain blue socks in his size. But I need to get more, like loads more.

I wanted to get photos of us all wearing out socks and L was not impressed with the idea. When I offered to pay him 10p (I’m generous I know) he was all over it. As I mentioned socks are drama, so he immediately hated them, well the idea of them. But then he went to put them on and he just beamed, ‘wow, they’re so easy to put on’. He said how soft they were and then refused to remove them.

Sock Shop

I don’t quite know how they do it but when you’re putting the socks on they feel loose, they really are easy to put on, but when they are your feet they have a great fit. They don’t slip, the seems are practically invisible, I just had to double check if there was a seam at the toe!!

I’m loving these bamboo socks and I loved all the options Sock Shop had. It’s not just bamboo socks, they have loads, I’m going to stick with the bamboo though. I’m so impressed.

If you want to try some for yourself, and honestly you really should, I’ve got a great 10% off voucher for you. Just use code AnyWayToStay10 at checkout. I’ll be popping over to the sock shop site to get loads more kids socks ready for back to school, no more arguments for me in the mornings, whoop! Well not about socks anyway.

Sock Shop

Disclosure – we were gifted our socks but all thoughts, opinions and images are my own. I’m so impressed.

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