Toddler Nutrition with Beaba and Purple Carrot

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Jimmy’s Farm Festival by Beaba. The innovative baby brand were sponsors of the festival and alongside nutritionists Purple Carrot were holding some great workshops over the weekend. So I went along to see what I could learn.

Fun at the festival

The Jimmy’s Farm Festival was actually the perfect place for Beaba to be holding these workshops. The family friendly atmosphere, the focus on good, wholesome and healthy food. It really was a great fit.

Watching Dick and Dom

We had a fabulous time at the festival. It was the first one we had taken L to and I’m now desperate to do it properly, not just for a day. L loved dancing and laughing with Dick and Dom. Seeing his face when Justin Fletcher was on stage was just a picture. We even caught an actual grown up band and L and I had a little dance together. It was the first live band I had seen in far too long, I need to do it more!

L loved petting the sheep

We explored the farm and saw all the animals. I loved the butterflies. L liked the visiting rare breed sheep. There was den building, shopping, games and all kinds of entertainment. Then there was the food, so many fabulous local vendors, so much to try. Gin ice lollies, umm yes. Churros with chocolate dipping sauce, yum! So much choice. Some healthy, some not. All delicious.

Building dens

It was this combination of family and food that made the festival the perfect place for Beaba.

Being shown some recipes

The workshop was primarily focused towards weaning, a stage I am long passed. But the point was that just because you are weaning a baby doesn’t mean you all have to eat separately, or that it has to take ages.

Healthy ice lollies, yummy

Using the Beaba Babycook we were shown a few delicious, quick and easy recipes. All made using the Babycook and all healthy and suitable for the whole family.

This was too delicious

I’ll admit I’ve already forgotten the meat options that were made, being veggie myself it wasn’t a focus of mine. But let me tell you the tabbouleh that was thrown together in seemingly minutes whilst we were there was so delicious I have already made it at home for L and I.

Being introduced to the workshop

What struck me about the session was the brilliance of the Babycook. I don’t really know how it passed me by whilst L was little. I’ll blame sleep deprivation! It would have been a game changer though. You can do so much with it. Simple chopping and blending. Steaming. Defrosting. Reheating. All in one easy to clean unit. It would have saved me so much time.

So much fresh food, so quickly transformed

I loved the recipes as well. The tabbouleh was made using quinoa and fresh herbs, a few tomatoes as well, it was quick and so tasty. It just made me think a bit more. And I guess that was the whole point.

Some great tips from Purple Carrot

It really was very interesting and I’m so glad I went. In fact I wish I had gone to a quick 30 minute workshop like this before I started weaning L.

Butterfly time

Disclosure – I was a guest of Beaba’s for the day so I could attend the workshop and share my thoughts. All opinions are my own.


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