Tonka Tinys Review

Teeny tiny Tonka Trucks. Well L was always going to love these but I’ll admit I had my doubts, I mean they are really small, so how much would he get from them? Well quite a lot it turns out.

Tonka Tinys
L loves playing with these tiny toys

What are Tonka Tinys

The Tonka Tinys range is a collection of over 20 vehicles, including Fire Engines, Police Cars and Rubbish Vans.

They can be collected one by one with the surprise blind boxes, which can be stacked or slot together side by side and look like mini garages. Or trios with the NEW Tonka Tinys Three Pack.

I like the three pack because it offers great value and as it comes with two vehicles on display and one hidden in a garage so they can be a good way to complete a collection.

Tonka Tinys
All boxed up

L’s Verdict

L loved unpacking all his new Tonka Tinys and was really excited to see what he would get in each box. I was worried he would be upset if he got duplicates, but he wasn’t. We got two little police cars and he was just excited to have two of them.

As soon as he worked out you could slot the garages together, that was the only way they could be stored. Stacking was out of the question, individually set up was also a no. They had to be in a long line of garages or nothing.

Tonka Tinys
The concentration

He loves how tiny they are and that he can put them in his pockets and take them anywhere. He’s so attached to them we haven’t lost any, he has been religiously checking on them.

He has also happily combined them into games with other larger toys. He loves them.

Tonka Tinys
The start of a little collection

My verdict

I was concerned that he would be upset with duplicates and also a bit worried about their small size. They are recommended for ages 5+ and L is only 3. Clearly I did not need to worry on either point.

He got three individual blind boxes and one of the new three packs and did get a duplicate police car amongst that. It didn’t phase him at all.

Tonka Tinys
I love that some of them have working parts

The small size hasn’t proven to be a problem either. They are really tough, completely fine for him to play with and thus far haven’t been lost. I’m sure at some point at least one will go astray bit that won’t be due to the size, just that L is 3 and can hide anything!

The one thing that really impressed me was that despite their tiny size they still had working parts. The fire engine ladder extends and the rubbish van’s back tips. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Tonka Tinys
So many possibilities


I will certainly be getting more of these for L.

They are well built, take up next to no space and he adores them. They are perfect for rewards and it’s always nice to have something to collect.

Price wise they are great value at £5.99 for the three pack and £2.49 per blind garage.

I can’t wait to see more from the new wave of vehicles being released in the Autumn.

Tonka Tinys
They really are tiny

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys in return for our honest review

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