Boy playing with Woody and Lotso toys

Toy Story 4 Mischief and Play

Disclosure – We have been gifted a fabulous box of Toy Story 4 goodies from shopDisney to celebrate Toy Story 4 hitting the cinemas. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

Toy Story 4 Toys from shopDisney
Our amazing bundle of Toy Story 4 Toys from shopDisney

I’m not sure I even know where to start with this. The first Toy Story was released in 1995 when I was 11 years old. It’s magic is something I have grown up with and now with Toy Story 4 soon hitting the cinema screens I am getting ready to share the excitement with L.

Watching Toy Story 2 on TV
I had already started getting L prepared by watching ALL of the Toy Story films and shorts

We’ve watched all the current films together and he loves the characters and is totally swept away by the magic of toys being alive and only pretending to be toys. He loves the adventures they get up to and he watches the same story I am but gets something so very different from it. It’s a delight to watch.

Boy with Lotso Toy
That little face!

We are very excited to go to the cinema to watch Toy Story 4 when it’s released.

Boy woth boxed Woody Toy
I don’t think he could believe he had his very own Woody Toy

You can only imagine his excitement when he got home to find the biggest box of toys from shopDisney. He rummaged through with glee, so excited to have his very own Buzz, Woody, Rex and Lotso. Desperate to play with them and start creating his own stories.

Rex interactive Toy
I am the dominant predator!!!!

After the excitement of the day getting him into bed was an issue. Even Buzz Lightyear pjs didn’t help, pretty certain he thinks he may actually be Buzz now. But eventually off to sleep he fell, surrounded by his new friends.

Lots of Toy Story Toys
Bedtime was a very exciting affair

But what happens when the kids sleep, or leave the house, or are simply out of eyesight in Toy Story? Well the toys get on with their daily business don’t they and new toys in a new house are bound to get lost.

Sleeping boy is Buzz Lightyear PJs
Eventually he fell asleep

We heard L when he woke up. Buzz, where’s Buzz? Muuuuummmmy! Rex was in my bed and now he isn’t. MUUUUUUMMMMMMMY!

Buzz Lightyear Toy
Buzz had hidden in our room

Without even the slightest hint from us he careers into our room, yelling about his new guys were real, they’ve come to life and gotten lost and we must help him find them. So that’s what we did, at 6am. All our own fault.

Rex Toy eating a snack
Rex had helped himself to a snack

Buzz was hiding in our room. Rex and Woody had been hunting for snacks in the kitchen, Rex had actually found something to chomp on, much to L’s amusement. The only worrying one was Lotso who had climbed up the telescope and L was a bit concerned he was trying to find where he had come from and wanted to leave. But we explained he was probably just looking at the stars like we do, and a big, super cuddly, strawberry scented bear could only be happy being cuddled by a little boy. L was happy with that and thinks that’s why Lotso is good now, because he has a child to love him, which is why he was sad in the film.

Little boy searching for toys
He looked high and low

It’s been lovely watching him play so nicely with the toys and lovely watching him leap head first into the magic of it all. These are his toys and he adores them. The fact they are more than capable of getting up to mischief when his back is turned makes them even more fun.

Lotso toy on telescope
L was a little worried Lotso was looking for a way out

We still sometimes move them around at night or when he is at school, just to see if he notices. Which he always does, normally rolling his eyes and gently telling them off for being so silly.

Boy in buzz pyjamas flying with dad
The magic is strong and our little Buzz tries to fly everywhere now

We’ve all had a lot of fun with this and has been as much fun for the grown ups as it has for L. It’s maybe been more fun for L as we’ve all got so onboard with it and just been silly with it.

Al's Toy Barn Mug
I benefitted as well, I get to enjoy my hot chocolate in style now

I’m so grateful to shopDisney for sending us so many lovely toys and accessories so that we could fully immerse ourselves in the magic at home.

Toy Story 4 kids rucksack
The guys come everywhere with us now, he packed Buzz, a drink and three snacks for a trip to the garden centre

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