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How To: Transform Your Garage into a Play-Den

With summer just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of fun activities to do around the home. Juggling life with a husband and toddler can sometimes leave play time a little stagnant and repetitive so I had a brain wave. What if I transformed our garage into a garage play-den?

As it stands, our garage space is filled with clutter which could easily be cleared and given away to charity to create a vast and usable space for fun family activities. I know it seems like a lot of hard work but with the right storage solutions, I think it could be one of my best ideas yet!

garage play-den
Lidget Compton Garages

Before I continue, I should mention that for those without a garage space, Lidget Compton have a great range of concrete garages fit for any purpose. So if this post inspires you to get creative, take a look at their site!

So here goes, my guide to creating the perfect garage play-den:

  • De-clutter: Clear your space of any clutter. Giving to charity, clothes banks or selling more expensive items at local car-boot sales are all quick and easy ways to make room, fast.
  • Spring Clean: Garages aren’t designed to be spotless. However, it’s important to make sure that the floor space is clear of any sharp objects and dirt.

    garage play-den
    Organise and clean
  • Storage: Simple storage solutions can make all the difference! Cupboard space is essential, ideally with draw divides for vital garage-gear that still needs to be stored. Always ensure that any furniture is fixed to the wall with an appropriate bracket. This will prevent any accidents.

    garage play-den
    Storage is so important
  • Get creative: Now that the dirty work is out of the way, you can get started on the interior design of your play-den. Second hand furniture is a thrifty way to make a cosy space. Try online auctions to grab a bargain sofa, bean bag or selection of floor cushions to create a welcoming environment.
  • Entertainment: This part is entirely up to you. I think that having a cheap TV is a great addition to a play-den for cosy movie nights but others will disagree. Either way, stock up on board games and craft materials. Remember that you can make as much mess as you like!

    garage play-den
    A new place for movie night is so nice
  • Heating: An electric, portable heater will take the edge off even a British outdoor play-den. However, I’d still stock up on rugs, blankets and cushions for extra comfort.
  • Have fun: Most importantly, use the space you’ve created and have a great time. Let your children pin their artwork to the walls and decorate the floor in pavement chalk. You’ll love seeing them have so much fun and they’ll create memories to last a lifetime!

    garage play-den
    Get messy, get mucky, with no worries in your garage play-den

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

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