Travelling with Trunki and chance to win

Anyone who has read my blog recently will know that we are of on our first foreign holiday in 9 years. This means it will be the first time L has been on a plane, so I’m trying to be really organised to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Part of that preparation is L’s new TrunkiTrunki

I’ll be honest I’ve always fancied getting L a Trunki, so when they contacted me to see we’d like to review one I was over the moon. The timing was perfect and I just knew L was going to love it. Trunki

There are so many different designs to choose from but knowing my boy as I do I went for the new Rocco the Race Car Trunki. A little red number with race car wheels, go faster flames and flag and number detailing. It also comes with a bumper pack of stickers so you can personalise it as you want. Trunki

It was all I could do to keep L from decorating his Trunki there and then, but it was getting late so he had to go to bed. Besides, Trunki decorating is important business, best done after a full nights sleep.  Trunki

The Trunki really is amazing for many reasons. It is tough. It can be ridden, woo hoo for the long walks in the airport. It is hand luggage friendly. The pulling handle converts to the carry handle, perfect for when L gets bored and I have to carry it. On that same strap is the key for the two locks on the Trunki. Inside the Trunki there is a little pouch, great for things you don’t want to get lost. They have even thought about the inside straps, calling them a teddy seatbelt. Trunki

Admittedly we’ve not been to the airport with our Trunki yet but we have already got plenty of use out of it as L has had a couple of sleepovers. I cannot believe how much it holds. Trunki

When he went to my sisters I packed:

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush and flannel all in the little pouch
  • Two sets of clothes – trousers, t-shirt, socks and pants
  • A fleece jumper
  • Pyjamas
  • A bin van toy
  • A very large book, playmat and toy set
  • A fleece blanket, fitted sheet and waterproof sheet (just in case)
  • A crocodileTrunki

That is a lot of stuff. In fact the only thing I couldn’t fit in was his Marshall from Paw Patrol pillow. I fitted it all in with ease. Trunki

The Trunki has little features I like too. Like the rubber round the edges, so even when it’s opened up there’s nothing sharp and if fingers were to be reaching in as you were doing up it wouldn’t be too painful. Inside the Trunki you can re-position the little storage pouch so it suits you and L likes to hide tiny little toys in the corner hidey holes. Trunki

Of course we have decorated Rocco. He put lights on and added racing decorations, as well as a speedo and rev counter. It’s so cute. Trunki

He loves his Trunki so much he took it to bed with him!! I honestly believe it’s going to help us in the airport, we’ll be able to pop loads of bits in there to keep him occupied and it will make the queuing and the walking easier to deal with. Trunki

If you’re impressed and want to win a Rocco the Race Car Trunki then simply enter your details into the Gleam below.

Good luck xxTrunki

Win a Rocco the Race Car Trunki

TrunkiDisclosure. I was gifted my Trunki in exchange for an honest review. They have kindly also provided the prize.Trunki

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108 thoughts on “Travelling with Trunki and chance to win”

  1. This is gorgeous! we already got a Trunki for our eldest! I’d LOVE this for my toddler twins.

  2. I do not think there is any child out there, that would not love to receive a trunki.
    They are amazing and such fun

  3. My grandson will be going on his first holiday abroad this year, can just imagine him walking round the airport with this

  4. My lil grandson Eli would adore would be perfect for their holibobs. Thanks for the chance

  5. I love Trunki’s because you can use them for so many different reasons, ie;- toys, clothes etc for holidays or just visiting family and friends

  6. Been looking at Trunki’s recently, I think we will definitely be investing in one. Thank you for the chance x

    1. They are well worth it. Ours has had so much use already and we’ve not been on holiday yet!! It’s the perfect size for overnights with the grandparents and is currently being used to hide away some Easter Eggs!!

  7. Trunki’s look so cool. If it wasn’t cute enough packing their things in their own case but then seeing them ride on it too is just awesome! But then it is also oh so practical too.

  8. My son has always wanted a Trunki – mainly to ride on! I think it would be a great place to store his thinks went we go away 🙂

  9. These are such a hit with kids! I think because they seem to have a little personality of their won

  10. My granddaughter Missy has the Cassie Trunki and it’s great. Would love another one for my grandson Logan.

  11. My eldest grandchild has a Trunki and loves it so I would love to win this to give to the youngest one

  12. I love that the red makes it stand out-great when you’re in a busy place so other travellers don’t bump their suitcases into it!

  13. What a great giveaway – good fun and practical. Any child would love one. And this particular one a good choice for girls and boys

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